Álex Saab: Camila Fabri’s aunts arrested in Italy for money laundering – Investigation Unit

The investigation that the Italian authorities have been carrying out since 2019 for the movement of money by Álex Saab de Barranquilla in this countryjust published the first results.

Arianna and Patrizia Fiore, 47 and 45, They were arrested in the last hours as part of the investigations carried out by the Monetary Unit of the Rome Financial Police since 2019.

It’s about Camila Fabri’s aunts, the current wife of figurehead Nicolás Maduro. Additionally, an arrest warrant has been issued against Lorenzo Antonelli, Fabri’s brother-in-law.

The arrest of the two women is linked to the investigations that the British and Italian authorities have carried out jointly around a trust that had already put Saab’s partner and one of its cousins ​​on the radar.

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Indeed, EL TIEMPO had already reported the seizure of assets, valued at 10 million euros, linked to the model Fabri, who owned luxurious properties that, for justice, would be part of the mega-money laundering operation linked to the Nicolás Maduro regime.

Alex Saab and Camila Fabri.


Capture against Fabri and Saab

In several of Fabri’s conversations with his aunts, he tells them to buy designer suits from Saab and prepare to run coal and nickel businesses, for their move to the United Arab Emirates.

The Corriere Della Sera revealed the identity of the women who would remain detained in Rome. And it is assured that there is also an arrest warrant for Fabri as well as for Saab.

The model remains in Venezuela after taking refuge in Moscow after the investigation by the Italian tax authorities while her brother-in-law is in the United Arab Emirates, where they were going to settle.

This is how it is read in several conversations of Fabri to his aunts in which he tells them to buy designer suits at Saab and prepare to run coal and nickel businesses as they move to the United Arab Emirates.

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cats and gold

Nicola Maduro

Nicolás Maduro says Saab is his ambassador in Africa.



They will first have to go to Luis Vuitton, Dior. It’s the costumes, at least four for one, that’s what Álex wants“, is it read in one of the conversations that Fabri sent to his aunts from Venezuela.

“They sign things, they open accounts”he told them in another message.

In the messages there is more information that would be essential to find the hidden wealth of Saab and its entourage.

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According to the dossier, some of the money laundered in Italy was converted into euros and hidden in Russia and certain tax havens.

In this regard, EL TIEMPO revealed at the time that in October 2019, the Italian Treasury seized the apartment, valued at 4.8 million euros, via Condotti in Rome.
The property was acquired through a London company. Witness the documents held by the authorities where there is also talk of 120 kilos of gold deposited in the name of the model in a Swiss bank.

Apartment Alex Saab

Saab’s apartment in Paris is located on Boulevard Saint Germain, a luxury district.

They are accused of being part of a money laundering scheme involving the purchase of a luxury apartment and funds in a current account of 1.8 million euros in an Italian bank.

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What has happened so far is that Fabri’s aunts and brother-in-law would have served as figureheads to hide money from Saab and its corrupt dealings with the regime.

Camila Fabbri

It is verified if the Italian model, Camila Fabri, was alerted to the operation of which she was the victim in 2019.

Pressure for Saab

The captures could have an effect on the situation of Saab in the United States, who had been collaborating with the DEA since 2018 and then took refuge in Venezuela.

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This Wednesday, a new hearing was held against him and his defense insists that he is a competent diplomat, whose detention was illegal.But for the authorities, it is clear that it is about a corrupt person, who delivered information on the bishops of the mode.In addition, his company and those close to the Fabri model in the management of gold in Venezuela are studied.


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