Easter: the cheapest flights to the main tourist destinations in Argentina

The holidays are coming Holy Week and those who can afford getaway They are already starting to organize their trips. For those looking to get away from the traditional visit to the Atlantic coast, which is usually the busiest during the summer season, and give themselves the opportunity to discover a new destination, the options are at their fingertips. The direct flights they take strength so that drivers relax and do not have to drive long hours to reach the resting place.

In this sense, the offers abound and the main tourist destinations prepare the arrival of their visitors. This year, the Easter holidays start on friday april 15, During this time he thursday 14 is calculated as “holiday”. With this information in hand, the prices change and this must be taken into account by tourists when it comes to getting their tickets.

Below is a list of The direct flights who is leaving from Ezeiza International Airport, Minister Pistarini, bound to the main tourist destinations. Prices are for a one-way trip for a single passenger, include fees, taxes and surchargesand this is the value at the time of publication of this rating, according to information provided by the travel site Despegar.com.

For those looking to get away from the big cities, discover a unique natural landscape and have friends by the lake, san martin de los andes It is the ideal destiny. According to the information provided by the travel site, the only way to get there by air is with a direct flight by Aerolineas Argentinas.

Panoramic view of San Martín de los Andes, the ideal option for nature lovers

In case you want to go out thursday 14the ticket price for one person is $9851 while from Friday the 15th it rises to $10,944, the value includes fees, taxes and surcharges.

Visiting a winery, visiting San Rafael or eating in the last Argentinian town before crossing the border into Chile is a tempting option for lovers of history and good wine. To go to Mendoza there are several alternatives: if the idea is to leave Thusdayyou can choose Flybondi or JetSmart. Regarding prices, the first low cost sell each of your tickets to $20,151 while the second has them $35,749.

The Cerro de la Gloria, one of the most remarkable monuments in Mendoza
The Cerro de la Gloria, one of the most remarkable monuments in MendozaMarcelo Aguilar – THE NATION

For Friday, supply increases and values ​​decrease. Can travel for Aerolineas Argentinas at $11,954, Flybondi at $11,007 and JetSmart at $16,749.

the province of Tasks It is home to one of the most coveted natural wonders in the world: Iguazu Falls. This tourist attraction receives thousands of tourists throughout the year and Easter will be no exception. To visit Puerto Iguazu You can leave April 14 Going through Argentinian airlines at the price of $22,005 per ticket.

Devil's Throat, the main attraction of Iguazú Falls
Devil’s Throat, the main attraction of Iguazú FallsPaula Teller

If you want to go out April 15 the offer is extensive, but the prices do not vary too much. Flybondi has its tickets at $22,040, Aerolineas Argentinas at $22,896 and JetSmart at $24,499.

The historic center of the city, the incredible landscapes and the emblematic local gastronomy make Salta the ideal option for anyone who wants to know a different place. The province prepares for Easter and airlines have their portfolio of flights for tourists to reach their destination. Argentinian airlines has rides available to go on Thursday the 14th for $17,201 Yes JetSmart for $26,374.

The landscape of Salta, coveted for those who like to visit the interior of the country
The landscape of Salta, coveted for those who like to visit the interior of the countryXAVIER-MARTIN

On the other hand, you can wait a bit and let the Friday 15. In this case, the prices drop considerably: $7,716 for Flybondi, $8,419 for Aerolineas Argentinas and $15,624 for JetSmart.

The mountains of Cordoba and the Cumbrecita are ideal destinations for those looking to get away from the city, but not too much. can be found direct flights to Cordoba with really cheap alternatives. For Thursday 14, Aerolineas Argentinas offers a flight at $9869 while Jet-Smart sell it to $23,374 Yes Flybondi to $27,244.

Sierras de Córdoba and its impressive landscape
Sierras de Córdoba and its impressive landscapewilliam lamos

the Friday 15the costs are balanced and the three companies offer similar options: $7331 if you choose Flybondi, $8232 Going through Argentinian airlines Yes $9999 per JetSmart.

Reaching the end of the world is not an easy task, but it is worth escaping. For lovers of history, winter climate, southern gastronomy and impressive natural landscapes, this is the ideal place. However, the trip is not exactly cheap. A flight for Thursday, April 14 costs $57,579 per Argentinian airlines.

Ushuaia, the
Ushuaïa, the “city at the end of the world”Ferdinand Dvoski

the Friday 15 the price drops considerably. $26,999 travel by Jet-Smart Yes $29,353 through Aerolineas Argentinas. Flybondi has no flights for Easter in Ushuaia.

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