Fear of Cubans stranded in Greece

The UN General Assembly suspended Russia from the Human Rights Council after a vote on Thursday in which 93 countries backed the resolution, 58 abstained and 24 leaned against the expulsion, including Cuba.

However, the Cuban population has said yes to the measure, agreed three interviewees by Radio Television Martí.

“The parallelism established between the Cuban tyranny, the Russian dictatorship and the invasion of Ukraine is striking. There is a great solidarity of the Cuban people with the Ukrainian people, with the Ukrainian government and a great admiration for Volodymyr Zelenskyy and this is manifested in the constant mention of the desire, the value of the Ukrainians”, underlined the bibliographical researcher and historian , Julio Aleaga Pesant, residing in the Cuban capital.

“But what stands out is that the Cuban government opposed, along with 23 other tyrannies, the resolution. It’s the alignment of the Communist Party government with Russia, incomprehensible, because I don’t believe that Russia is in a position to rescue the chestnuts from the fire of the Cuban government; and this indicates the separation between what the people aspire to, peace, democracy, freedom, and what the regime aspires to, which definitely thinks like a tyrant,” he stressed.

Aleaga recalled that “many compatriots” would support the possibility of Cuba being removed from the Human Rights Council.

“The fact is that international diplomatic politics is much more complex. In the Russian case, because he committed serious crimes against humanity, of genocide, and although we would be ready to submit a proposal to condemn the Cuban government for violation of human rights, to have more a thousand political prisoners, for the convictions of peaceful demonstrators on July 11, for having kidnapped people, who do not have freedom of movement inside the country or abroad.

“But building a consensus like the one achieved against Russia is a difficult thing. We should consider that the only country that, before Russia, was excluded from the Human Rights Council was Libya, Muammar’s Libya Gaddafi, the medieval tyranny that existed in this country,” Aleaga pointed out.

The General Assembly made its decision, precisely after the revelation of the attacks against civilians in Bucha, after the withdrawal of the Russian army.

Cuban activist Rosa María Payá, president of Cuba Decide, said from Geneva, Switzerland that behind Russia there is an urgent need to exclude Cuba and other dictatorships.

“We know that it is very difficult, almost impossible, for the General Assembly to vote to eliminate Cuba and the other violators, but it is the logical thing to ask given the scale of the crimes that the regime has committed and continues to commit on the island,” he said.

The initiative “is a victory and it is very positive that the General Assembly voted for Russia to leave a place where it should never be, nor the Cuban dictatorship, which is its closest and most strategic ally in the Americas, with whom they have strengthened a military agreement and from those of us who have heard direct support for the demands of [Vladimir] Putin, criticism of NATO, the systematic violation of human rights and the application of state terrorism against Cubans,” he said.

“That is why it is simply elementary that after Russia the Cuban dictatorship of this Council must disappear, as well as the dictatorships that sit there and which have made this Council a body without any effectiveness and without any content beyond protection of international criminals who wield dictatorial power in the world,” Payá stressed.

For his part, the independent journalist from Havana, Boris González Arenas, welcomed the decision to separate Russia from the UN entity.

“Another phenomenon to be applauded is that two-thirds of the members of the United Nations have agreed to eliminate this State from this body, where, in any case, it does not deserve to be, because of the terrible aggression and the amount of crimes that has been committed in Ukraine,” he said.

“It’s a great precedent, for the rest of the tyrannies who are part of the Council, of course, that it makes them realize that their seat is not safe because the decent countries of the world order are ready to take them. meet and kick them out of bodies where they don’t deserve to be.”

“Once again Cuba is voting in favor of the invasion of Ukraine, the systematic and planned extermination of the Ukrainian population and among the abstentions it is sad to see Mexico and Brazil not adopting an attitude firmer,” said González Arenas.

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