How is the style of Alex Hoyer, the boyfriend of Danna Paola

The rumors about who was the lucky winner of the heart of Danna Paola sounded loud for several months, because he was surprised several times in the company of Alex Hoyer, with whom he is now known, maintains a courtship. The curiosity of his fans to meet the danna’s boyfriend led them to search the networks for clues that allow them to learn more about the young man, to meet a person who has a lot of talent and, like the singer, a distinguished person style.

With just a few pictures, alexander reveals traits of his personality, combined with a taste for fashion, aspect that shares with the singer. In De Última we show you the Photographs which reveal the style from Alex Hoyerthe Danna Paola’s Boyfriend.

Alex Hoyer and his particular urban style

Being part of the music industry, it is normal that the style from Alex Hoer is influenced by the genre in which it evolves, constantly renewing itself according to the point where its career is.

In his personal Instagram profile, where he has a million followers, the Danna Paola’s Boyfriend enjoy posting Pictures in which he appears posing with different outfitsshowing a bit of style which characterized him at the time.

Among the most recurring are urban and street style, which he has merged more than once to create outfits which reflect much of his essence as a musician.

Photo: Instagram @alexhoyer_

Alex Hoyer and the art of being impeccable in a t-shirt

Oversized clothing is a tendency which is here to stay, because in addition to providing comfort for various activities, they make the wearer look like an expert in street style or style which actually refers to the way of dressing that predominates in cities, taking up the characteristics of different cultures.

This current has gradually insinuated itself onto the catwalks, with exhibitors such as the late Virgil Abloh, creator of Louis Vuitton. Also, it has been covered by different celebrities including Danna Paolawho likes to combine pieces of this type to obtain outfits.

Their young married man He is also a recurring customer of this stylewearing different outfits which in themselves exude the fresh and carefree essence of youth. Among the most recent is one where we see him wearing a basic XL white shirt with large prints in intense colors.

East watch from Alex Hoyer he drew attention to the typography on the garment and the artwork which stole much of the piece. To complement it, she wore a pair of rectangular sunglasses and a silver medium link chain.

Photo: Instagram @alexhoyer_

The fusion of styles that Alex Hoyer uses both in music and in his image

The red carpet of the Latin Grammys held in November 2021 showed the versatility of Alex Hoyer transform his image while preserving the key aspects of personality that stole the heart of danna.

On this occasion, the young interpreter wore a three-piece suit signed Dolce & Gabbana, whose silhouette was made with straight-cut trousers, a classic blazer slightly longer than the traditional ones, the two pieces with a design of fine vertical lines in a white and black pattern.

Under the jacket stands out a black tuxedo waistcoat. However, the item that caught the most attention was the turtleneck he wore as a replacement for the traditional shirt usually worn for this type of occasion, as well as a pair of velvet-textured loafers. Finally, he wore a necklace with an anchor pendant, which was between the long neck and the waistcoat, creating an effect of greater height in the young man born in Los Angeles, California.

Photo: Instagram @alexhoyer_

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Danna Paola and Alex Hoyer paint to be the most stylish couple

the incredible talent you have Danna Paola to make sure that absolutely everything he wears looks good on him, it’s something he has in common with his young married man. So now that they’ve gone public with their relationship, we’ll most likely get to see them wearing matching clothes. outfitsstealing the looks of everyone in their path for their impressive style as a couple.

Evidenced by the postcards posted online in December by Alex Hoyerwho also worked as an actor for a Nickelodeon series, where he is seen enjoying a party with danna and other friends.

For this party, alexander He wore skinny oxford jeans, a royal blue checked flannel shirt, a plain white turtleneck and a black leather biker jacket. As accessories, the silver slave he usually carries with him at all times and a red cap from the Chicago Bulls basketball team, which he clarified with his pair of Nike Air Jordan III, a silhouette that s sold out soon after launch fusing the best of Nike footwear with iconic Jordan designs.

Photo: Instagram @alexhoyer_

With these images, and after his statements, we can get an idea of ​​why Danna Paola He fell in love with Alex Hoyer, as well as the dumbbell they make as a couple sharing the love of music and fashion.

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