how to get italian citizenship

Where is the Italian Consulate located?

The Italian consulate is located at Billinghurst 2577, Recoletacity ​​of buenos aires.

How to obtain Italian citizenship

The Consulate General of Italy in Buenos Aires offers consular services to italians residents in the consular district of Buenos Aires, in passing tourists and only for the office of visas and studies, also for the non-citizens.

To access the Consulate General, you need a valid document with current photo (DNI, passport or Mercosur identity card). Considering that, for services reserved for residents, a proof of residence in the consular district.

On the other hand, the inhabitants of the neighborhoods of San Isidro, Tres de Febrero, Zarate and Merlo should go straight to Honorary Vice-Consulate/Honorary Consular Agency of the place of residence for the civil status services. But, for services related to assistance, pensions, notary, studies and passport collection, all nationals must go to the Consulate General (located at Calle Reconquista 572).

It should be clarified that, for the citizenship sector, everyone – without exception – must take their turn. In addition, the documents must be presented in original also in the event that a family member has already had Italian nationality recognized by an Italian municipality or by another consular authority

In the meantime, for the opening of the application file for recognition of Italian citizenship for each adult, the sum of 300 € (to be paid in Argentine pesos at the official consular rate). payment will be It is mandatory to do so when submitting the citizenship application. even if the accompanying documentation is incomplete and regardless of the success of its verification.

All applications for recognition of nationality submitted for minors remain free of charge. Anyway, for the rest, without the corresponding payment receipt the application for recognition of Italian nationality cannot be accepted.

Due to ‘economic difficulties’, Italian consulate expects flood of Argentines to process citizenship

Changes and conditions for obtaining Italian citizenship

The turns for “Adult direct children” and “Reconstruction” are reserved only through the system Prenot@me. The types of shifts for the Citizenship Office are:

Reconstruction Citizenship

Reserved for whoever presents the instance of recognition of Italian nationality and the women married to an Italian citizen before 27/04/1983. Conditions: residence in the consular district for at least six months.


Naturalizations by marriage/civil union

Reserved for anyone who submits the request for naturalization by marriage / civil union based on articles Articles 5, 7 and 9.1 – Law n. 91 of 5.2.1992 and Law no. 94 of 15.07.2009.

Requirements: rresidence in the consular district and the existence of the marital bond / civil unionthat is to say that the case can be presented as long as there is no dissolution, annulment or cessation of the civil effects of the marriage/civil union and the personal separation of the spouses or the civil union couple does not subsist not .

A person who marries an Italian citizen can apply for naturalization by marriage/civil union after three years of marriage/civil union when staying abroad and after two years of marriage/civil union if you live in Italy. The terms are reduced to half in the presence of children born or adopted from the marriage or from the civil union couple.


Adult direct children

Reserved for rebuilding citizenship for direct adult children. You can access the service EXCLUSIVELY:

  • Direct children, majors, of Italian citizens registered with the “Anraple” of the Consulate General (residence in the consular district for at least six months);
  • The direct children, adults, of Italian citizens who have proceeded to the reconstruction of citizenship in the Consulate General or in one of the honorary consulates of the jurisdiction and whose documentation is therefore in the files of the Office.

REQUIREMENT: The candidate must have a residence in the consular district for at least six months.

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Once the shift is booked, the staff in charge will examine before the order and will cancel all shifts that are NOT in one of the two cases provided. Canceled shifts will be immediately made available to users.

In the phase of study of the potential files, in the event that the documentation of a straight line ascendant is missing, the shift holder will receive an email with the indication of the documentation that must be presented on the day of the shift. Failure to present said documentation will automatically imply the non-acceptance of the request and the loss of the shift.

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What documentation is needed to obtain Italian citizenship

Documentation base which must be presented on the day of the shift (see the requirements of the documents to be presented):

  • Birth certificate;
  • Marriage certificate (if the person is married);
  • Birth certificate of minor children;
  • Divorce decree (if applicable) (see sentences)
  • Adoption penalty (if applicable) (see sentences)

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