opened a holistic therapy center in Italy, now he dreams of replicating his business in Paraguay

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Adeline Aquino is 31 years old, she is a lawyer at the National University of Asunción (UNA), she obtained a master’s degree at the American University and courses in Spain, but five years ago she fell in love with an Italian, got married and resigned from the legal sector to settle completely in Italy, where he found his true vocation and opened a Center for Holistic Therapies.

This, thanks to a seed capital that was granted by the municipality of Rome, Italy, in the form of microcredit for people who want to start a business, after the economic crisis caused by the pandemic. The Municipality of Rome learned of its history when it applied for the loan and stood out for its entrepreneurial spirit.

She trained as a therapist in Rome, Italy at one of the best Ayurveda schools in the country called Sarasvatiananda. She trained for two and a half years as an Ayurvedic therapist, did a year of holistic counseling and six months as a mindfulness facilitator.

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Holistic therapy is a type of treatment that deals with the health of the individual as a whole. While a traditional diagnosis may be broken down into several parts, holistic therapy views the whole person – mind, body, and spirit – as a single entity.

“Today, there are more and more holistic therapies and they are taking on a singular importance in society. I use Ayurveda, mindfulness and counselling. Holistic therapies are disciplines, techniques or, in some cases, ancient sciences that look at the person as a whole. We work on the psychophysical aspect, the body, the mind and the spirit. We don’t just focus on the symptom, but on the cause,” Aquino told La Nación-Nación Media.

Holistic therapy is a type of treatment that deals with the health of the individual as a whole. Photo: courtesy.

This form of treatment is used to help people develop a deeper connection with themselves, which can lead to huge improvements in their self-esteem and self-awareness. Your goal is to increase your knowledge and your ability to have fun and take time for yourself on a daily basis.

“We look for the root of the problem and we accompany the process of each person in a particular way, because each person is different. In particular, I focus on preventative medicine, guiding a lifestyle that leads to a long and healthy life. I clearly work with women and most of them are between 35 and 60 years old,” he added.

It is a special treatment that focuses on healing the whole body; that is, taking into account the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual planes, in pursuit of optimal health and well-being. The same can achieve the right balance in all areas of life. Imbalances in physical, emotional or spiritual life harm our overall health.

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“For me it is a gift, a wonderful gift that has been given to me and that I feel the need to share. I trained as a therapist in Rome, Italy, in one of the best schools in ‘Country Ayurveda, Sarasvatiananda,’ Aquino recounted.

The compatriot received a special distinction for micro-entrepreneurs at the Campidoglio in Rome, where, in the midst of a pandemic, a campaign to help businesses and micro-enterprises was launched, where she decided to start, to take advantage of the opportunity for support to be undertaken, because it ensures that after two years of confinement people needed this type of therapy.

Adeline Aquino trained as a therapist in Rome, at one of the best Ayurvedic schools in the country, Sarasvatiananda. Photo: courtesy.

“I informed myself, I followed all the steps that were asked of me and I accepted. The municipality selected the ten most outstanding stories, of which there were seven men, three women, I was the only foreigner. My role as a female entrepreneur was highlighted on this occasion, but for me it was even more rewarding to be Paraguayan, because it is not easy,” she stressed.

Her desire to be the woman she always dreamed of being motivated her to launch herself as an entrepreneur in the midst of the economic crisis generated by the pandemic. She knew it was not going to be easy, but she took a risk and achieved her goal, which today is a real achievement and an example for many Paraguayans who are hesitant to fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams.

“My desire to be the woman I always dreamed of, to be an example for my daughter and to influence more women like me who had to start from scratch,” said the compatriot, who is not remained in her comfort zone, enthusiastically continued training in something completely new and gave a message to people who – like her – put aside their profession and want to embark on entrepreneurship, but Are afraid.

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“Above all, they must look inside, seek to know themselves better. Self-knowledge is essential to know what our talents, skills, values ​​are and, above all, to know what we can do more than one and well. Sometimes we have a hidden gift that is the missing piece of success, and it doesn’t have to be entrepreneurship, it can be other options as well,” he said.

“On the other hand, training, learning, not stopping studying, because ignorance leads to poverty, the only way out is to study. Who does not study stagnates”, was his message to compatriots who are undecided about what they want and what they fear, which is to fail.

This treatment is used to help people develop a deeper connection with themselves, which can lead to huge improvements in their self-esteem and self-awareness. Photo: courtesy.

“Since I discovered this world – holistic therapies – I knew it was something that I had to share with the people of my country, when I opened the center in Rome I said: the next stage is in Paraguay”, said the compatriot, who studies the market, collaborates with several centers, colleagues and professionals in the sector, gives conferences, workshops, even home consultations and massages, with a view to achieving his dream, have a holistic center in Paraguay.

“When I went to live in Rome, I always dreamed of doing something for my country, I felt that no one knew enough, that there were many things to do, at first I thought that through the embassy, ​​in the cultural or legal aspect – since I became a lawyer – I could help the undocumented, but in the end the way to unite the two worlds was another. Paraguay, studying the market and collaborating with various centers, colleagues and professionals. I think it’s a good start,” he said.

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