Protesters deface the Chanel store in Moscow with Nazi graffiti after a boycott of a luxury fashion brand in Russia

Pro-Putin vandals in Moscow have put up stickers comparing fashion brand Chanel to Adolf Hitler in protest against the company’s boycott of Russia.

The youths were seen vandalizing Chanel’s Moscow flagship store on Stoleshnikov Lane earlier today after similar exposures in Paris stores this week.

Chanel has closed its Russian stores in solidarity with Ukraine and calls on Russians shopping abroad not to “use or display” Chanel products in their home country.

In photos shared by Russian independent publication Baza, teenagers are seen sticking the stickers.

Security officers were forced to remove the provocative stickers from the Stoleshnikov store

Security officers were forced to remove the provocative stickers from the Stoleshnikov store

This led some influencers to priceless scissor bags earlier this week.

Moscow fashion publication Moskvich Mag reported that the stickers “recall the fact that the fashion house’s founder, Coco Chanel, was a Nazi spy during World War II.”

But the hypocrisy of the apparent act of protest by Russian hooligans was underscored by Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser to the Ukrainian Interior Ministry.

He wrote on his Russian-language Telegram channel: “Anonymous authors have decided to remind Chanel of the co-operation of the founder of the fashion house with the Nazis during the Second World War.

Moskvich Mag said the stickers

Moskvich Mag said the stickers “remind us of the fact that Coco Chanel was a Nazi spy”.

The vandalism followed similar stickers seen earlier this week at flagship Chanel stores in Paris.

The vandalism followed similar stickers seen earlier this week at flagship Chanel stores in Paris.

“The Russians have tactfully kept silent about the fact that in the modern world they are fascists.”

TV presenter, PR agent and actress Marina Ermoshkina, 28, has expressed outrage to her 299,999 subscribers that in Foreign Chanel Stories, Russian women are asked to sign a pledge they will neither wear nor wear. will display the brand in Russia.

“No item or brand is worth my love for my country and my self-esteem,” he said, cutting his bag of accessories with industrial scissors.

“I am against Russophobia and brands that support Russophobia.

A Chanel flagship store has been slapped with a Hitler-themed sticker to protest the company's alleged hypocrisy.

Pro-Putin hooligans have decorated another Chanel site in Paris with the junk tag, prompted by the company's boycott.

Chanel stories in central Paris (left and right) were decorated with emaciated stickers this week.

“If owning Chanel means selling my country, then I don’t need Chanel.”

DJ Katya Guseva, 39, with 587,000 subscribers, said: ‘I say ‘no’ to Chanel.

“They force me to sign a humiliating document, forcing me to reject my homeland in favor of their brand.

“I am against Russophobia and against segregation by nationality.

‘To show you that I’m serious, I’m just going to cut this bag.

I don’t need it anymore. Goodbye Chanel.

The comments expressed anger that the women were directing their anger at a fashion brand and not at Vladimir Putin for causing the boycott in the first place.

Litvin shows the document he was asked to sign to buy a bag from the Chanel store in Dubai

She posted:

Russian designer Liza Litvin showed off the pledge she was asked to sign at a Chanel store in Dubai

One Instagram user asked, “Why don’t they care about Ukrainian deaths caused by Putin?” And the Russian soldiers sent to the slaughterhouse as cannon fodder?

“Instead, they do this childish trick with scissors.”

Another said: “If I was in charge of Chanel, I would have quietly celebrated the departure of these clients.”

And another complained: “Why don’t you challenge yourself by selling your Chanel accessories for children and refugees, or whatever you care about the most?”

Glamorous Russian DJ and actress Katya Guseva, 45, cut her expensive bag on camera

Guseva is one of Russia's best-known influencers, with nearly 600,000 followers on Instagram.

Glamorous Russian DJ and actress Katya Guseva, 45, cuts her expensive bag for the camera (left). An influential model, she is also one of Russia’s most famous DJs (right)

Kremlin Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova accused Chanel of joining “the Russophobic campaign to ‘cancel Russia'”.

He added that “during World War II, Coco Chanel herself was a collaborator and agent of the Third Reich”.

Chanel explained that the boycott was an imperfect solution to the sanctions against Russia from France and Switzerland.

The firm said: “We understand that these measures, intended to comply with the requirements of the law, may create certain inconveniences for certain clients.

“We are currently working to improve the procedure and we apologize for any misunderstandings and inconveniences involved.”

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