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If you, your family and friends are preparing to travel during the Easter holidays, keep in mind that since this is a season when thousands of people take the opportunity to travel to other regions of the country and the world, There are usually congestions at transport terminals (air and land), roads and hotelsbut also, it is an opportunity that the friends of others take advantage of to try to keep their money or their personal belongings.

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that’s why itCompanies like Avianca and BBVA Colombia, concerned about the well-being of travelers, make a series of recommendations so that this short period of rest and spiritual recollection does not often become a headache, the product of simple negligence which can be avoided.

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“Easter is one of the high seasons when most customers want to fly, so everyone’s co-responsibility is essential: airlines complying with regulations and their routes; aviation and immigration authorities with everything ready to make every process agile, and also clients consulting travel requirements on time, comparing ahead of time and arriving at airports ahead of time. This way we can achieve a successful season,” said Avianca COO Frederico Pedreira.

recommendations for travelers

Given the situation, Avianca has published a series of recommendations for travellers, which can help make the operation much smoother this season, while making it easier for travelers to benefit from fast and quality service:

1. Exit and entry procedures in Colombia: Coordinated work between Migration Colombia, Civil Aeronautics and airlines will continue to be essential for a successful season. The 30% increase in immigration officers announced for El Dorado, as well as the arrival of travelers 3 hours in advance at the migration modules are factors that will facilitate and speed up the operation.

2. Operational and meteorological challenges at El Dorado: Having reliable weather forecasts will allow the operation to be well planned and more complex weather conditions to be anticipated. Likewise, the activation of support systems such as the ILS El Dorado in its category III and other operational alternatives will favor the management of the impacts in the face of possible reductions in capacity due to bad weather conditions or low visibility.

3. Control and management of disruptive passengers: Knowing that over the last 4 years the cases of disruptive passengers have doubled, co-responsibility between travellers, authorities, airlines and airport operators will be essential in order to avoid affecting the operation and the other customers due to instances of misbehavior.

5. Arrive at the airport 3 hours early for domestic and international flights.

6. Check with the authorities of your country of destination the entry requirements, as well as your vaccination card and/or your PCR test at hand when entering Colombia if necessary.

7. Complete the Check Mig form in advance, when leaving or entering Colombia.

8. Use automatic Bio Mig machines to perform migratory processes in just 20 seconds. If not registered with Bio Mig, travelers can ask an immigration officer to register for future trips.

9. For safety reasons, carry items such as cell phones, laptops, tablets, cameras, portable external chargers (Power Banks) and any item containing lithium batteries in hand luggage.

healthy finances

In addition to these in-season recommendations, it is also essential to use the resources allocated to this break well, so that it does not have a strong impact on household finances, especially now that the cost of living has exploded. . For this reason, the experts at BBVA Colombia offer some recommendations to take care of your money and avoid a greater blow to your pocket.

1• Try not to carry a lot of cash and if you are traveling abroad, check the amounts of money authorized by the customs authorities to leave the country and to enter the destination you are visiting.

2• Keep in mind that Easter (April 9-17) is considered High Season, a time when airlines and hotels increase their prices.

3• Reserve the amount of money you will need to cover immediate expenses that you will find when you return from vacation, such as utilities, housing or vehicle costs, and the market, among others.

4• Keep your vaccination record handy. ID, tickets and boarding pass and don’t forget to wear a mask.

5• As a general rule, keep an organized budget with basic expenses such as transportation, food, and accommodation, but also include any additional and unforeseen expenses you may have from the activities you do while on the trip .

6• Remember that if you are using any type of travel credit, plan payment with clear knowledge of the resources. If you make purchases abroad with your credit card, these charges will be in dollars and the exchange rate may vary between the time of purchase and the time of payment.

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