Why didn’t Canada, the UK and Australia expel Russian diplomats? | News

Russian Embassy in Paris, France. To date, 35 Russian diplomats have been expelled from this country.


Several countries of the European Union more than two hundred Russian diplomats were expelled from member countries in response to crimes committed Russia is accused during his invasion of Ukrainewhich began on February 24.

However, there are still several nations that have refused to expel diplomats from their respective countries, claiming that such an action is not worth “the cost of losing our diplomats in Moscow“, thus indicated Justin Trudeauthe prime minister of Canadaby appointment Guardian. Other countries that have not excluded Russian diplomats from their territory are UK and Australia.

To date, 15 nations have already expelled Russian diplomats from their territories. Moreover, 100 Russian diplomats had already been expelled in previous months. In recent days, Poland expelled 45 people; Germany 40; France 35; Slovenia 33; Italy 30; Spain 25; Belgium 21; Holland 17; Denmark 15; Latvia 13; Greece 12; Portugal 10; Estonia seven; Ireland four; Sweden three; that of the Czech Republic and that of Luxembourg.

This decision to withdraw Russian diplomats from their country is a direct consequence of the war crimes of which Russia is accused in Bucha, located on the outskirts of Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital. Footage circulating on social media and in various media allegedly shows Russians murdering, torturing and ill-treating Ukrainian civilians in Bucha. Their bodies were found, tied up and dumped in the street weeks later.

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For his part, the UK He said he had no intention of withdrawing Russian diplomats from his territories, because doing so would force Russia to expel British diplomats from Moscow, an already decimated embassy. This decision was taken despite the fact that, in previous days, the United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary, Liz Trussasserted that the West’s relations with Russia governed by Vladimir Poutine they were made.

He also assured that “a new approach to security in Europe based on resilience, defense and deterrence” is necessary. Furthermore, he warned that Russia is not retreating, but regrouping and repositioning itself to put more pressure on Ukraine in the east and south of the country,” according to recounts. The Guardian.

In addition, Truss explained that such a new approach is needed for countries likely to be attacked by Russia, such as Moldova, Georgia, Finland and Sweden. Because of this, more diplomatic resources are needed to monitor Russia, so withdrawing Russian diplomats from the UK would only cause Russia to withdraw British diplomats from Moscow, thus removing the only people who could carry out such a surveillance.

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However, earlier in 2018 the UK expelled 23 Russian diplomats after the Putin government refused to explain why a former Russian spy, who was on British soil, was attacked with a Russian-made poison. . Given this, Russia expelled 50 British diplomats from Moscow. Although the size of the British Embassy in Russia is not known, these expulsions are known to have affected the UK in terms of political intelligence and research losses.

However, several members of the Labour Party they insist that Russian diplomats be expelled from their territories. For the Minister of Foreign Affairs, David Lamyin the UK there should be no room for Andrew Kellinthe Russian Ambassador to the UK.

Russia, for its part, says it wants to continue diplomatic relations between Russia and the West. However, Russian Deputy Foreign MinisterAlexander Grushko, assured that they will respond to the continued expulsions of Russian diplomats from various European countries. Similarly, Grushko claimed that the European countries that made these decisions act against their own interests, according to The Guardian.

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