Everything you need to know to encourage you to travel alone: ​​advantages, tips and destinations

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To doHave you ever packed your suitcase and gone on a trip alone?? Did you know that two out of three Spaniards who travel the world alone are women? Traveling alone is an increasingly fashionable trend, why miss out on this experience?

Then we will tell you The journey of Lys Novo, a young Argentinian who has been traveling Europe alone for two months. Also, we spoke to Focus on womena company dedicated to organizing trips for women and, in case you decide to dare, we leave it to you best national destinations it’s up to you to prepare your adventure.

The journey of Lys Novo

Lys Novo (@LyssNovo) is an 18-year-old Argentinian girl who a 58-day solo tour in Europe. He picks up the phone in Switzerland and tells us that in a few hours he will be in France.

He embarks on the adventure without thinking twice. She had gone to Europe when she was 15 with her mother, instead of celebrating the traditional quinceañera party, and when she returned to Argentina she said to herself “i have to come back”.

He therefore gave up the end-of-year trip, a few days in the snow, and came to visit eleven European countries. He admits that as the date of the trip approached, he got a little scared, but all the fears disappeared when he arrived at the first destination, Spain.

Meet the same people and very different people

It summarizes in two the many advantages of traveling alone. The first, the self-awareness. Explain that you face situations that you have to resolve on your own and as you realize what tools you have to do so and those you don’t have but need, you develop.

The second, having the possibility of meet different people and with different ways of seeing the world. She says that while chatting with a boy from Palestine, she told him how easy it is to travel from one country to another over short distances. “200 kilometers is nothing”, to which he replied: “For me, there are many of them, my country is not even that big”.

life in sepia

He tells us some anecdotes, for example, when he was in Andalusia he remembers that one of the days when there was mist he woke up and when he woke up for the first time “he saw life in sepia”.

To all those who are going to dare and embark on the adventure as she did, she recommends choosing a destination where you feel comfortable and safe. “I decided to start with Spain because I speak the language and it would be easier to solve any problem”.

and the second is find out about the places they are going to visit and the places where they are going to stay. “If a hostel says it has a good vibe, it’s usually because it does and it’ll be easier for you to meet people there.”

Lys Novo.

Tour operators

The team of Focus on women (FOW) explains that traveling alone means seeing the world with different eyes and without influences. Get out of your zone comfort cope with unknown and enriching experiences.

FOW appeared over 13 years ago as pioneer of travel in Spain for women. The passion for travel and the concern of its founder Alice Fauveau to give “the visibility that women deserved”, led her to create a new market niche in the Spanish tourist sector. I wanted to meet the growing demand from women who wanted to travel alone.

“It’s an experience you have to live at least once in your life”

Focus on women

Fauveau has unite inspiring women from all over the world through the journey to publicize women’s global culture and make life stories and gender impact projects visible.

We asked the FOW team why it’s hard to get into the adventure at first. They answer that it costs first for The fear of the Unknown. “Taking the first step is always difficult, but then you get hooked.” A clear example they put in FOW are the “primiparous” who take time to decide to take that first trip, then to repeat and repeat. “We have 50% loyalty.”

“Travelling alone is an experience you have to have at least once in your life. Women are adventurous and curious, and not exploring the world on their own would be a shame. If you travel with common sense, this danger that everyone who has not tried it alludes to is not such,” they argue.

This is the advice they leave to all women who are planning a trip alone: ​​”Don’t think about it because the result will always be positive, She will have a good time and above all she will grow as a person in front of herself and discover other cultures”.

The best national destinations

On March 8, International Women’s Day, National Geographic journalists have prepared a list of the destinations they recommend to make this trip with oneself in Spain.

  1. Pyrenean trail. More than 400 kilometers between the Cap de Creus in the Mediterranean and the Bay of Biscay in the Mediterranean to choose where to stop to appreciate its geological vagaries.
  2. Primitive Route of Asturias. An option to connect with nature, but above all with yourself, is the Camino de Santiago. There are several paths to follow, but if one stands out, it is that of Asturias, which allows you to follow in the footsteps of the first pilgrims.
  3. Costa brave. The place of contradictions. Busy and intimate, bohemian and sophisticated, innocent and muse. A destination to connect with nature, enjoy gastronomy and feel alive.
  4. La Rioja. Culture, tradition, wine, history, art and lots of gastronomy. Stroll and discover the best tapas, crafts and architecture marked by the crossroads.
  5. La Gomera. Peace and nature could perfectly define the tranquil island, where people do not live in a hurry and the towns look like big cities from which to see the backs of dolphins.
  6. Grenade. It is one of the destinations that open arms to the traveler between the walks through the Alhambra and the viewpoints of the Albaicín district.
  7. Formentera. The small island of Pitiusas carries the slow philosophy in its DNA. Its 37 kilometers of road without traffic lights lead to secluded coves and cliffs that present an intimate and calm Mediterranean.

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