If you’re going on a road trip, here are the must-have apps on your cell phone


Use your smartphone to save money, discover new places and live unforgettable experiences.

the holidays and the days off during the year they are no longer so constrained at certain months of the year and it is rare that they are not. we escapedeven if it’s only a few days disconnect of the daily routine. As we believe the cellphone It is one of the best tools for trips at the present time and which, moreover, helps us in our own routewe entertains and gives us the opportunity to enjoy of a crowd of services from its small screen, we selected the Best Apps to use in your routes on wheels.

The beginning of the journey

No adventure begins without some kind of planning, unless you’re getting married in a few months and your friends decide to kidnap you, and that’s why we present you an application to organize your luggage, another in case you want to share one trip and three more to ensure you arrive at your destination without the slightest problem.

packing point

This apps It is ideal for the seasoned travelers, those who know that without organization you will end up regretting what you forgot to take. The application is available for both devices android about devices iOS and prompts you to enter the city you are traveling to, date of travel, duration of travel, whether it is a business or leisure trip, and the activities you wish to do and automatically will make you a ready with what you need to carry in your luggage.


The app par excellence to share journeys between two places, whether you are the one who provides the vehicle or you are a passenger, has years of experience behind it and invites you to travel in a less conventional way, but which is always interesting , especially if what you want is to downgrade your trip or meet people along the way. The 21st century way to hitchhike has an app for Android and iOS.

Google Maps and Apple Maps

I make a strange union between Google’s app par excellence for exploring cities and Apple’s twin app since my experience of using both, especially since the latest updates from the bitten-apple company, is quite satisfactory. Soin a later section I will accent in them, since they have a very useful function and that not everyone knows.


For Finalize the ready applications that deal with the beginning of the journey, I think it makes sense to highlight an application like Waze, available on Android and iOS, since it integrates multitude of features. you can find the itinerary faster to your destination, avoid jams and with care speed camerasbut you will also have at your disposal music controlspeeding notices, warnings of service stations little price, car park nearby and a community which is the real culprit that this app is essential while traveling.

onboard entertainment

Maybe you don’t need us to recommend entertainment while driving, sometimes a conversation is much more interesting than any app on your cellphone, but if you’re traveling alone, for example, we believe that it is necessary that you enjoy driving with your favorite music and programs.


This application, which added the management of Podcast for some time now and which has versions on Android and iOS, it is essential for those who love the Music and, now too, for those who have decided to make the leap to podcasts, a trend in digital entertainment which brings the old radio format back into the 21st century. Other notable options would be Apple Music itself and YouTube Music, which is part of the YouTube Premium package.


we wanted I recommend you some application What do not be so well known among those who consume content in podcast format and this application is ideal for regaining confidence that applications can be perfectly organized. Available only on Android, we believe that being able to manage online radios, audiobooks and RSS feeds It will be quite a surprise for those who access its functions for the first time.

Last minute booking and planning

While driving, it is not usual to seek Hotels stay, nor places to eatbut the precautions are few and we think you should know the apps that cover these settings and additionally some that let you night with your caravan or review the most important places a to visit where you want to go.


It is one of any traveler’s reference apps who prides himself on bearing this nickname. You can explore endlessly Hotels, places to discover, Restaurants and know the opinions from other users. In addition, you have at your disposal a planning tool retail your trip and have everything you need to enjoy your stay in one place. The app is available for Android devices and iOS devices.

The fork

Under the tutelage of Tripadvisor, this applicationavailable on Android and iOS, is completely necessary when you are traveling to another city if you don’t want to be fed by restaurants to fool tourists. Thanks to its complete interface, you will be able to find the best restaurants from the city, you can untangle for him kind of food that they offer and, in addition, you will also be able to discover those that include offers and accumulate points that will help you get discounts during your next visits.


We can’t forget the Apps intended for those who live their trips with the piggyback houseshaped caravan Is caravanand that is why we strongly recommend this application, available on Android and iOS, which offers the possibility of discovering more than 140,000 locations be able to park your vehicle and camp, with the possibility of create your own itinerary and with the possibility of using it in offline mode.

Fuel savings and charging stations for electric vehicles

know in what service stations We will have a most affordable price when refueling or knowing in advance at which points on our route we can stop charge our electric vehicle it is one of the factors that will make your trip a perfect experience or one full of obstacles and bad times. As we want to help you, we show you our three candidates favorites in this area.

all gases

thanks to a Interface enough minimalistthis application will help us to locate the Gas station the closest and the one that most interests you at all times, especially considering the price of fuel. You will have up-to-date information of each service station, possibility of participating in promotions, routes including affordable gas stations, price history and the possibility of save your favorites to access it quickly. Undoubtedly, one of the best applications, available on Android and iOS, for save in fuel.


There are more and more Drivers who face trips aboard their electric vehicles and that is why the applications intended to know the charging stations available proliferate more and more. On this occasion, this application, available for both Android and iOS devices, will allow you to find the charging stations available for public use and be able to do negotiations how to check the state of charge real time, activate it or make your own Payment. Data such as prices, addresses and user reviews are also available to help you prepare your electric vehicle to hit the road again.

Next charge

Similar to the previous application, and with many positive comment by users who have it installed on their Android and iOS devices, this apps invites you to meet more than 200,000 charging stations of electric vehicles in everyone.

Parking and urban and rural settings

We end our list of recommendations with the Best Apps for Park in large cities, recall where did you leave your vehiclea feature you didn’t know you had implemented in one of your core applications, and perform hiking trailsbecause nature also deserves to have its place among escapades of travellers.

all trails

Since we mentioned nature, we can start with this recommendation available on Android and iOS, which will allow you walk the best hiking trails and of Mountain bikein addition to discover those trips by app users, with images and experiences, so you can enjoy of everything that nature has to offer you.


One of the worst things about having to travel by car to another city is the parking search and address areas where it is limited. However, thanks to this application available on Android and iOS, you will have the possibility of pay at parking meters from most cities book parking, Climb so Express Yes pay by appseven in charging stations of electric vehicles.

find your vehicle

Our last recommendation It is not an application as such, but a characteristic already implemented in both Google Maps as in Apple Cards. Do you want to know the exact position in which you left your car? First, if you have a iOS deviceit suffices to say Siri where your car is and it will immediately show a map with the location of the vehicle. With Google Maps You will have to access the map, hurry the location, obviously when you have finished parking, in color blue and among the options to display will appear Set as parking location.

We are convinced that you aid plan your car journeys and that these are more interesting, fun and economical, but surely your also do you have an app What do you want Shareso do not hesitate for a moment to let us know by our social networksso we can all benefit from useful apps when it comes to hitting the road.

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