Loner wins a Doritos trip and seeks “normal people” to accompany him

  • Despite having no one to travel with, the consumer has chosen to compete to win a trip.

  • Brands that sell fried foods have demonstrated effective positioning through their marketing strategies implemented for decades.

  • Purchasing incentives are effective in creating emotion in consumers.

A person has managed to win a trip from Doritos, but has no one to go with, so he searches “normal peopleto accompany you.

Today, Mexican consumers have easy access to various products that manage to satisfy their cravings or hunger, thanks to some brands that are in charge of preparing different foods with a characteristic crunchy consistency, where some brands have managed to position themselves better than others in mind. of its customers (including in the digital domain).

According to the graph presented by Statista on the food brands with the most followers On Twitter in 2021, Doritos Mx managed to lead with 126.93 thousand followers, Papas Sabritas came second with 121.59 thousand followers, Nutrioli third with 107.87 thousand followers, Barcel México fourth with 95.59 thousand followers and fifth Bimbo México with 73.98 thousand subscribers, where those companies that sell fried foods have shown a considerable presence.

the Positioning of companies that sell fried foods At present it is not only due to the sale of these characteristic foods or their flavors, but they have behind them a whole marketing work that has been in place for some decades now, a fact that has continued to work so that they continue to show themselves as favourites. on the market, even with the passing of the years.

A user exposed a case on social media, where an apparent winner of a Doritos trip would find themselves looking for a companion, since they have no one to go with; but this has a request function, which only calls you “people Ordinary” and not Cayetanos, it does not matter if it is a girl or a boy.

Given this alleged promotion of Doritos, the “lonely” winner had no choice but to start his search for “normal people” being able to go on a trip, showing a small problem with his experience with the brand, since he was not considering a partner; however, that didn’t stop the contest from getting enough attention and trying to win the opportunity to take a free trip, which turns out to be an effective brand interaction.

Currently, it is not enough to offer our products or services to our target, but we must carry out different strategies to be able to influence your buying decisiona fact that we can achieve if we bet on giving small but significant incentives that encourage you to interact with us, where it would even lead to an increase in loyalty on your part.

Take the consumer out of their daily lives and excite them during your calls your attention by the effect of surprise, in this case by offering to participate in contests and promotionscould set our brand apart from the competition by giving it a sense of excitement that cannot be achieved so easily unless we choose to carry out these kinds of strategies.

Example of the effectiveness of the realization of this type of contests and promotions that we were able to attend during the Good Endwhere although it is known that on these dates some brands tend to increase their prices, the fact that they sell them on promotion (among other differentiators) manages to attract the attention of the market, as Shopee has demonstrated at the time with its “promotion” which succeeded in being qualified by its customers as “5 stars”.

Offering contests or promotions can increase consumer interaction with our brand and thus increase its positioning.

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