players pay gas to travel

This weekend Chelsea suffered a blow as they lost to Brentford at home after being unbeaten since October. A few days before facing Real Madrid for the Champions League, the English team is going through a turbulent stage and the departure of Roman Abramovich has left a complicated economic reality.

Lately, players have had to pay for the gas for the bus transfer out of their own pocket. The economic situation is increasingly complex and Thomas Tuchel’s team is experiencing an unforeseen reality for the Premier League.

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Not only that, but also after league management decided to remove Abramovich from his position, hundreds of employees were left without work. It is that several of them depended on the companies of the Russian business magnate and according to the information portal Marca, the commercial, human resources, accounting, marketing and representation departments suffered a wave of layoffs.

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The departure of the main shirt sponsor, the telecommunications giant Three, the complication of paying the wages of the employees with the money available and the possibility of falling under external administration and suffering a points penalty in the Premier League, are some- some of the problems they have to overcome.

Even on the sporting level, the present is worrying. Although Marina Granovskaia, appears as general manager of Chelsea, she does not have any kind of leeway.nm Not only can he not renew contracts, but he is also unable to sign players or enforce the renewal clauses that are in the contracts.

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The reality of Chelsea, from the inside:

Currently, the team continues to collect their wages, but additional expenses are not allowed as accounts are frozen and all movements are closely monitored by the government which has brought the club in until May 31.

Some of the billionaires interested in buying Chelsea

The Raine Group, an American bank, is in charge of the operation. The Yankee entity is responsible for analyzing and filtering all offers from millionaires interested in staying at Chelsea. Since Abramovich announced he was leaving the club following the British government’s harsh sanctions against Russian oligarchs, some 200 business groups have set their sights on Stamford Bridge.

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During this week the Raine Group will reduce the list of candidates: according to the English press, no later than Friday, the firm will keep the three best offers who will fight to stay at Chelsea. How much will they have to pay? It is estimated at between 2,000 and 3,000 million pounds sterling (between 2,600 and 4,000 million dollars). In 2003 Abramovich became the majority shareholder for around £200 million, which included payment of a debt.

One of the first interested in acquiring Chelsea it was Hansjörg Wyss, a Swiss-born billionaire. According to Forbes, he has $5.2 billion: much of his fortune was made when he sold his medical products company to Johnson & Johnson. However, the Swiss doesn’t want to part with much of his assets to stay with the Blues and has joined two other tycoons in presenting a more attractive offer.

Who will be Wyss’ partners if it becomes the owner? Todd Boehly, an American businessman who owns shares in the Los Angeles Dodgers (one of MLB’s most popular baseball franchises) and Jonathan Goldstein, a British entrepreneur who is a Tottenham fan! Yes, Goldstein is looking to become a shareholder of one of the historic rivals of the club he supports…

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As with the Wyss-Boehly-Goldstein offer, which has one owner of the Dodgers, there is another baseball franchise owner interested in the Blues. I know This is the Ricketts family (led by Thomas Ricketts), who are the majority shareholders of the Chicago Cubs, another historic MLB team. Additionally, this offer would include Ken Griffin, a billionaire investor who would join the Ricketts’ proposal.

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