Selection to start arc, without support to attend Dubai World Cup

The four members of the national archery team who won their ticket to the Archery World Cup held in Dubai last February were unable to travel because coach Sandra Loza Tenorio did not know how to ask Conade for the money, Cathia Valdés, one of the people involved, told the Proceso. She says she is being discriminated against because, she says, managers continue to see paraathletes as “people you can’t transcend”. And he insists: it was planned that we would not go, and he attacks the boss of the Mexican Archery Federation, Santiago Avitia.

MEXICO CITY (Process).- The National Paraarchy Team Cathia Valdés denounces the discrimination, lack of empathy and lack of interest towards paraarchers by the president of the Mexican Archery Federation (FMTA), Santiago Avitia . The federation, he said, refused to provide them with the financial resources to participate in the World Archery Para Championships held in Dubai last February.

Cathia won her ticket for this world exhibition during the national parashooting selection held last November in Zinacantepec, in the State of Mexico; The same was done by his colleagues Samuel Efrén Molina, Omar Echeverría Espinoza and Lya Tadeo Sánchez.

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