The Long and Winding Road to the Abyss (Saturday Afternoon Stories)

“It was then that the corrupt rulers of this burning world, which they themselves had brought about, saw their chance to chop down every last tree, hunt the last dolphin, mine the last diamond, dam the last river and refine the last barrel of oil. , because “progress does not wait”. managed to survive keep the productive machine running, even though they perished in the attempt.”

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Indeed, it was a long transformation from the distant time when the first Australopithecus he decided to stand on his hind legs, so that he could walk, reveling in picking the apple of discord, and, nourishing himself with the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, undertook the long and winding path of civilization; that is, the road to its inevitable final annihilation.

When he freed his hands (nearly four million years ago), he discovered that a rock is very useful as a weapon and tool for multiple tasks. After countless generations, the diet of fruits and leaves began to seem monotonous to him and he ventured to hunt small animals within his reach, and the protein intake allowed him to take the evolutionary leap: his brain grew and he became aware of himself. . He scanned the horizon, decided the sky was the limit, and set out to roam the world with a spear and covered in the skin of dead animals. By dint of observing nature, after having survived the last ice age, he discovers agriculture, decides to settle down and finds the dog, who will be his first partner.

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It is unknown who tamed whom, but the truth is that they never separated and started to evolve together. Together they discovered the fire, one summer afternoon when lightning reduced a bush to ashes. It wasn’t long before a woman, tired of chewing bland raw meat, threw a disgusting morsel into the fire and sniffed out the tasty smell and brought it back, amazed to see that its flavor had noticeably improved.

Centuries later, an obese and lazy humanoid, tired of walking, invented the wheel and so the race managed to cover great distances very quickly and with the help of the noble horse. In this way they spread all over the world and moved away from their native Africa, gradually colonizing the most distant places of the globe. In order to coordinate the more complex aspects of this dispersion, they were forced to construct an intricate maze of articulated sounds, which they called language.

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A long succession of inventions, alliances, discoveries, legends, travels, revolutions, myths, works of art, crimes, diseases, taboos, religions and wars have shaped its world, his mind, his body, his spirit and his vision of the world. The centuries passed at a dizzying pace and suddenly, after having undertaken the useless audacity of traveling to the Moon, he found himself settled in the 21st century… the one that for so long seemed to be on the edge of future times. And he woke up one morning surrounded by garbage, engulfed in a sea of ​​plastic and clouds of toxic smoke, ruled by orcs he himself chose because they wore neckties. He noticed that he had the TV remote control in one hand and a smart phone in the other. The disturbing news that a deadly microscopic virus had spread to the four corners of the globe, thanks to some idiot who wanted to make himself a bat or pangolin soup, became the only topic.

It was then that the corrupt rulers of this burning world, which they themselves had provoked, saw their chance to chop down every last tree, hunt the last dolphin, mine the last diamond, stem the last river and refine the last barrel of oil, because “progress does not wait”. They locked the population in, so that the rich would not be infected and that the immense mass of poor people who manage to survive would keep the productive machine running, even if they perished in the attempt.

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They capitalized the banks, raised taxes, decreed and legislated misery with a broad democratic sense, filled their pockets with gold and plutonium, bolstered their armies with all manner of weapons, stripped hospitals, canceled education, suppressed the art and instead they put a vacuum and the vulgar song, silenced their adversaries blaming them for the plague and, with drums and cymbals, forced the rest of mankind to live forever in the matrix, with the aim that they cannot distinguish reality from fantasy.

They thus installed virtual reality in the collective unconscious and privatized the truth, with the consent of the primitive horde in which humanity was already devolved. And when the inevitable protest raged through the streets, they attacked with all their ferocity the source that threatened to destroy their emporium of greed, death and desolation. On the distant horizon loomed the menacing silhouettes of the four horsemen of the apocalypse: war, death, famine and globalization.

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