Twenix, the startup to learn English, lands in Italy after closing the round

Learning languages ​​every day becomes more important for any job. Companies in general are in constant search of expansion or have offices abroad, and for this, the knowledge and mastery of an alternative language is essential. Twenixthe ‘edtech’ of English conversations, cares about raise awareness among companies that need this type of service. 2021 has been a year of growth for them and this 2022 will be key for consolidate its new activity in Italy and focus during the second half on the continuation of its expansion throughout Southern Europe.

Its last round of funding closed in December for a total of 2 million euros. This operation was led by the national fund Inveready, JME Ventures, Sabadell Bank as well as the international capital manager bright eyewhich has already invested in Spanish companies such as Genially, ThePower Business School (ex ThePowerMBA) or iron hack. The objective of this injection was to strengthen and consolidate its international expansion. Already in November they began to test the ground in Italy where they have already entered with the first operations.

This 2022 one of its major objectives will be to secure your new Italian business. They are looking to increase the number of customers, improve their product and grow as a sales team in the neighboring country. For the second part of the year, they will look to move into other key markets. As explained by CFO and co-founder of Twenix to Information, Miguel SanzThey will go step by step to be able to analyze the functioning of the sector, see what needs they must cover, adapt the sales methodology, and thus be able to consolidate in this market. Twenix takes advantage of the international presence of its customers to extend its services to other markets such as Latin America. However, the financial director assures that it is better to take a break because it is different to provide a service than to actively sell.

In 2022 they will focus on strengthening their new Italian business: they will increase the number of customers, improve their product and increase the sales team in order to consolidate.

Its model is based on the sale of class licenses that allow companies access a certain amount of time on your platform. It is a flexible training marketplace that offers online English courses for businesses. However, they don’t teach grammar or basics. Courses range from technology, big data, business, architecture, industry, and even everyday topics or business presentations. Everything will depend on what the company is looking for for its workers. “We recommend that they be at least 2 lessons per week and that they stay at least three months to guarantee good learning »comments Sanz.

Twenix is ​​for people who already have a basic understanding of English. The company does ‘one to one’ lessons (one by one in a particular way) in 26-minute classes in which they speak with a native teacher. It is for this reason that a basic level of English is required to start taking these courses: “Ideally it is A2 and the ideal is B1”. Although they do not ask for any certificate of requirement, they assure that the results will always be better with an advanced base. The teacher establishes the student’s level in the first presentation class and from there they will continue with that status for their progression.

The company was born a few years ago in Almería. It was founded by Jorge Moreno, Daniel Delgado and Jose Antonio Ruiz, who, due to Jorge’s personal needs, began to implement this “edtech”. By the time Sanz joined, who had a different trajectory in the industry: He had created startups (which he eventually sold) and founded a venture capital fund called Encomenda Smart Capital. “I spent time advising them and told them that there would be more opportunities by being elsewhere,” says the financial director. There they began to work together and opened an office in Madrid where all the part of teachers, HR, among others. The technical part is still in his hometown.

Being an “edtech” for learning English, it has different competitors. One of them may be the Venezuelan company that moved to Spain last year, Open English and national in scope GoFluent. According to Sanz, their differentiating effect is that they focus on conversation, i.e. the grammatical part of learning. “The idea is that from the first promotion they have progress in the communication part and make important leaps in their career”, explains the co-founder.

Currently more than 150 companies, including Clicars, Heura, letterjust eat or Puma, have already opted for this model so that their workers have the necessary command of English. Your short term goal is improve the product part and the educational part with the creation of new courses and micro-courses. In 2021 they almost tripled their income from the previous year and this year they plan to maintain this growth and almost double their workforce (today 57 people work at Twenix). For its possible expansion, the company has not ruled out initiating the process of closing a new capital increase during the year.

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