20 tips for enjoying a short Easter trip

Mexico.- With the decrease in active cases of Covid-19 and the easing of epidemiological restrictions, we notice an encouragement for families to enjoy a break on the beaches.

Leaving home for a tourist destination, however, requires some measurements to prevent a fun ride from ending in a bad experience.


The authorities are formulating a series of recommendations for this Easter holiday period, which Débat takes up in this edition. Preparations range from booking accommodation and services, to prepaying for home services, to coordinating with some neighbors to keep the home under surveillance.

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a.- Plan. Check your budget to find out how much money you can spend and how to pay (cash, credit card, interest-free months, etc.). Make your itinerary so you don’t spend more than you expected. Also discuss with your family to choose the type of vacation they want (rest, adventure tourism, discovery of a city, etc.).

of them.- Only use the credit card if you have sound finances. Before choosing an interest-free monthly payment, ask yourself if it will be possible for you to cover the monthly payments without affecting your budget.

3.- Choose. Remember that it is high season and the favorite tourist destinations are the beaches, however, in our country there is a great diversity of places that you can visit, such as archaeological sites, colonial cities, magical towns, among many others.

4.- Book on time. Book transport – plane or bus – and accommodation, according to your plan, to get better prices and avoid the unpleasant surprise of seeing full places.

5.- Determine the type of accommodation based on your trip: if it’s just to sleep and bathe (because you like to do outdoor activities and know the places nearby) or if you prefer to stay at the hotel (because you like to enjoy its facilities, services and activities); the price difference can be significant.

6.- Book entertainment. Don’t forget to reserve a seat for the activities you want to do and the shows or rides you’ll be going to, and include entrance fees, food and transportation

7.- Confirm. If traveling by bus, date and time of departure, assigned seat number(s). Students and seniors are entitled to a discount, check with the motor transport company before buying the tickets.

8.- To verify. If you are traveling by plane, when purchasing the ticket, check the destination, departure time, flight number, boarding lounge and assigned seat; if it is a return flight, include the return ticket. Bring ID.

9.- Interrogate. In the case of air travel, how much checked baggage and hand baggage you are allowed to carry, as a minimum, as well as restrictions and prohibited baggage.

ten.- To verify. If you are traveling with your own car, check that it is in optimal mechanical condition and that the air in the tires (don’t forget the spare wheel) is in good condition, as well as the fluid levels (brake oil and engine, antifreeze, water) and cleaners.

Eleven.- Consider the cost of gas and cabins in your budget. Take the insurance policy with you, as well as tools for any eventuality, such as a jack and wrench, battery-operated flashlight, road map, water and emergency signs.

12.- Protect yourself. Minimize sun exposure from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Use the right product for your skin type. Reapply sunscreen and also protect your eyes by wearing filter lenses.

13.- Request. All accommodation establishments must display their rules of procedure in a visible place in the rooms and, at reception, the applicable rates and the services they include. It is mandatory that they place in a visible and easily identifiable place, numbered and stamped formats for submitting suggestions and complaints.

14.- provide. Excessive sunbathing has consequences that can be very serious. The use of sun creams is recommended (they cause the absorption of light radiation by the body, in a minimum quantity, allowing protection against UVB rays) or solar creams (they act as screens to reflect solar radiation without there is absorption into the skin and protect against UVA and UVB rays).

fifteen.- Pay for services before you leave. This is so that when you return you will not be surprised that you no longer have them.

16.- Secure your home. Avoid posting the dates you are traveling on social media. Ask someone you trust to pick up the mail and newspaper and visit your house so it’s not obvious that you’re alone.

17.– Clean the refrigerator. Try to consume perishable foods to prevent them from spoiling; clean the refrigerator and throw out the garbage to avoid bad odors.

18.- Prepare your home. Close doors and windows tightly, unplug electronic devices and turn off water and gas taps. Do not leave exterior lights on.

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19.- Guard. Do not leave valuables out in the open, such as cash, tablets, laptops, etc. If possible, keep them in a safe place.

twenty.- Enjoy your holidays. The nature, the gastronomy and the typical products of the place, its history and its tourist attractions and its family life. We wish you a pleasant holiday!

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