4 suggestions for celebrating Thanksgiving Day according to American tradition

Today is Thanksgiving, one of the most important holidays in the United States, perhaps more than Christmas, and on this occasion Americans travel from all over the country to meet their families, and sit around a table to dine on a large stuffed turkey, served with mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, green beans, peas and cookies, and of course, pumpkin pie and pecans.

Although the origins of the festival are not very clear, everything indicates that it dates back to the 17th century, when European settlers who settled in the city of Plymouth – in the current state of Massachusetts – wanted to thank the help received from the natives. of the Wampanoag tribe, to overcome the harsh winter of 1621, with a great three-day banquet.

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President Lincoln designated Thanksgiving as a national holiday in 1863, and the tradition has continued nationwide ever since. Parades, races, lights… there are many events for this day.

The Macy's Parade in New York takes place every year and it's spectacular

The Macy’s Parade in New York takes place every year and it’s spectacular

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At New York

During this day there are many parades, but one of the most famous and well-known is the one that takes place in New York, the Macy’s store parade. This cavalcade was first organized in 1924 by department store employees, and has been maintained over the years, with this year marking its 95th anniversary.

Today you can see a great show: giant balloons, floats, musicians and dancers, and of course, performances by international artists. It begins at nine in the morning and ends at noon, and is broadcast on television.

Wineries in the Willamette Valley, USA

Wineries in the Willamette Valley, USA

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Willamette Valley, Oregon

Years ago, a dozen Willamette Valley wineries started a tradition that continues today. More than 160 wineries open their doors throughout the weekend for visitors to enjoy the quality of their wines, and participate in different events: wine tastings, pairings and live music, among others, each winery has its own proposals. Another different way to experience Thanksgiving.

Old buildings at Plimoth plantation in Plymouth

Old buildings at Plimoth plantation in Plymouth

Enrico Della Pietra

Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts

Plymouth is a coastal town in Massachusetts, south of Boston, home to a very special living museum, the Plimoth Plantation. It is a village that is a faithful reproduction of the settlement of the 17th century settlers, and nothing better than to spend Thanksgiving in this colony that allows you to go back in time, four centuries ago, with costumed actors, buildings as in the past, orchards and animals, as in the beginning of time.

There is also a space dedicated to the life and customs of the native Indians, and a few kilometers away you can board a replica of the Mayflower, the ship that brought the first settlers to the east coast. the United States. During Thanksgiving there are always special events and it is celebrated with a big dinner.

Belton House Christmas Lights 2019 Photography by Alex Hewitt alex.hewitt@gmail.com 07789 871 540

Lights at the Chicago Botanical Garden

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Glencoe, Chicago

After a whole day of partying, a walk down for food is appreciated. And at the Chicago Botanic Garden, an illuminated tour is offered each year during the month of November and throughout Christmas. The fires are located along a path of over a kilometer. Impressive is the 30-meter tunnel made up of 100,000 lights, there are also trees with colored bulbs and music accompanies the visit, which normally takes place at night.

The Turkey Trot which takes place during Thanksgiving in the United States

The Turkey Trot which takes place during Thanksgiving in the United States


Mile High United Way Turkey Trot, Denver

One of the biggest events in Colorado during the Thanksgiving holiday is the Mile High Turkey Trot. This six kilometer race with more than 10,000 participants is great fun and a great way to burn calories before dinner. The funds raised are donated to Centraide, an organization that helps families and people living in poverty. And it’s happening in many cities across the United States, not just Denver.

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