A passionate night in Italy, Dominican beaches and Los Angeles inspired Luis Fonsi like never before

Last September, Luis Fonsi and his wife Águeda López were invited by the haute couture house Dolce & Gabbana to attend the parade of its spring-summer collection in Venice. “It was an amazing experience, it stuck in my mind,” the Puerto Rican artist told the Los Angeles Times. Such was the inspiration that the song “Dolce” came from there, which was chosen to accompany the release of his tenth studio album, which he gave the name “Law of Gravity”.

This September night in Venice was “crazy”. Besides Fonsi and his wife, Sebastián Yatra, Ozuna, Jennifer López, Sean Combs, Doja Cat, Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Ciara, Monica Bellucci, Christian Bale, Dame Helen Mirren, Kitty Spencer, among others, a luxury company. The finish was glamorous and bumpy. An unexpected hail added more excitement to the event. “We had an amazing time both at the party and after,” the singer-songwriter recalled.

The passion of that night is what he tried to recreate in “Dolce”. The video, which premiered over the weekend, features Fonsi and his wife as the main characters. While that sounds “normal,” it’s not for this entertainer, who is famous for keeping his private life private.

“I wanted the video to have the vibe of that show in Italy. With the models, the lights. I wanted it not to tell a story, but to project that atmosphere…”

— Luis Fonsi/Singer

“I wanted the video to have the vibe of that show in Italy. With the models, the lights. I wanted a story not to be told, but to project that vibe and of course I needed a model, well , I have one at home,” he said mischievously.

Obviously, it’s not the first time the artist has used models in more than a decade that Águeda López has been by his side, but “I don’t know why we particularly felt it was the right project. . It was something that flowed.”

The interview with Fonsi took place in a space inside the prestigious Rudolf Budja Gallery in Miami Beach. Before the room where the artist was, there was a staging with elements of the “Dolce” video. But while this space was cool and modern, the atmosphere around Fonsi was one of celebration and humor.

The artist, wearing a leopard print bomber jacket. Between laughs, he says he’s preparing to launch himself as “the new salsa phenomenon, with the name ‘Tropical Leopard'”.

It’s not the first time the artist has used models in more than a decade that Águeda López has been by his side, but “I don’t know why we particularly felt it was the right project”, did he declare.


This Fonsi prankster is the one who won over viewers in the United States and Spain, who followed him for weeks in the editions of “La Voz” in both countries.

Her smile gets even bigger when she talks about her children “who are giants” and her passion for making and playing music, which is her job, but also her passion.

“I’m already writing the next album,” he confessed. “I’m just like that, kinda weird.” He has a studio at home, another laptop that fits in a backpack.

Music between tacos and mangú
“Ley de Gravedad” has urban pop, the ballads that made Fonsi one of the great exponents of romantic music, and some interesting experiments such as incorporating a Cuban son with modern touches.

Fonsi’s “partners” in this musical adventure are the Colombians Mauricio Rengifo and Andres Torres, who acted as co-composers and producers. Keytin and Camilo Echeverry are also from Colombia, other names that appear on the list of composers.

Rengifo and Torres, who were the producers of “Vida” and, of course, “Despacito”.

“Mauricio, Andrés and I went to the Dominican Republic. We rented a small house there and worked an intense week,” he recalls.

For Fonsi, the 16 songs on his debut album, after “Vida,” where he included “Despacito,” are stories that “it was impossible to get out of. Just as it is impossible to break the law of gravity. It’s also impossible not to appreciate the production, which smells more Fonsi than ever. It’s an album sprouted and paid for in a pandemic, with all the complexity of feelings that the covid era has generated and the time needed to heal all the details, put the problems aside and retouch them again. Take some out, put some more. It’s an album that speaks of passion, essence, joy and good humor. Several times at the same time, others independently but always, yes, in due time.

“I had no pressure to present a second ‘Despacito’. I’m very clear that this song has created a phenomenon that won’t happen again,” the artist said. “But I’m also clear that I will always give the public the best and most authentic of who I am as a artist. This album is just that, a group of songs in which my soul and my life are.” The reaction was already clear before the release of the complete production. Songs that were released early, such as “Girasoles” , “Date laturn” with Sebastián Yatra and Nicky Jam, “Vacaciones” with Manuel Turizo”, “Vacío” with Rauw Alejandro, “Bésame” with Myke Towers” and the remix of “Perfecta” with Farruko, Dalex and Juanka, gave him earned recognition for reaching one billion views.

Within 24 hours, the album became the most listened to on Spotify’s Spanish music charts.

The final touches of the disc, according to him, were given in the studio of the producers in Los Angeles.

“It’s a city I love. I really love working there and the audience is magical,” said the entertainer, who said his first stop was always the Sushi King restaurant in Santa Monica, which ‘he adores”. Gastronomic appointment finished, then come the tacos. “It’s impossible to choose my favorite Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles,” he admits.

Like many composers, Fonsi says he can’t choose his favorite song on the album, but he agrees that the ones we like the most coincide with the ones that are close to his heart: “Girasoles” and “Fin de week”.

Fonsi claimed he will feel fulfilled if “people find a space of connection and peace within the law of gravity.” This is the most important thing, especially in these difficult times that we are living all over the planet”.

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