Celeste Muriega: her days with Diego Maradona in Dubai and the awkward presentation of Christian Sancho to her parents

Celeste Muriega live a moment of fullness. To his professional success, in which he combines his performance in The Academy from ShowMatch with the event of sexwho ended his season in Gorriti Art Center and prepares to tour the country and Latin America, his great personal gift is added, since he is going out with Christian Sanchohis cast partner in the play he is directing Jose Maria Muscari who, at the beginning of February, whitewashed the relationship and has already met his in-laws in an unconventional way.

To talk a bit about all this, the dancer visited Leandre Roud in The night (C5N), where he also recalled his beginnings in the show, evoked the influence of his parents on his career and told some anecdotes with Diego Maradona Yes olive dew when he visited them in Dubai, in the years he was in a relationship Alejo Clercthen right hand Ten.

Celeste said that since she was little she knew she wanted to dance and be an artist. And for that, his father has a lot to do with it, Elbioalso a dancer, who was able to accompany personalities such as Alberto Olmedo, Susana Gimenez Yes George Porcela. It was her father who accompanied her to the castings, to share the joys and encourage her in the face of disappointments. And the turns of life wanted me to be the last dancer to work with Gerardo Sofovichdirector and producer of many works in which her father had worked: “I know a Muriega, he was an asshole…”, confessed the producer, although she did not want to know more.

During the interview, Celeste said that so much work energy had affected her romantic situation: I had a lot of libido at work, so much so that I forgot something else. I arrived at 9 months without anyone in my life: I didn’t want to give another person an hour of my life”, he assured. But everything changed when he joined Sex. “At the beginning it cost me dearly because I was like asexual, but it opened my head to live a lot of things“, he added.

In this work she met Sancho, they fell in love and after keeping a secret for a while they decided to go public. Celeste recounted the hilarious encounter the model had with her parents: “They went to see the play. My dad was at Disney and a Christian. He made a hot scene for my mother without knowing that it was my mother. It was the presentation with the in-laws, he has three scenes in a row, grabbing my mother’s head, shaking it all and I can’t say more,” he recalled with a laugh. And to add the comment made by his mother: “I already knew your boyfriend in depth.”

Regarding his trip to Dubai, Muriega said: “I went there for five days and stayed for a month. It’s a place where everything is fine. The traffic light works, there is not a dog lying in the street. It’s very flashy, you go to the beach and they even control the water flow, you see the rocks are lined, all done by them”. And then he gave details about the cultural change he had to adapt to in this place.

Celeste Muriega visited Leandro Rud at La Noche

We go to the mall and they give you a poster with everything you can’t do. Do not shake hands, do not kiss. You have to adapt to other cultures even if you are a tourist. Rocío had to lend me clothes to let me in, to cover my shoulders. Women go into the water fully clothed“, he explained. And he continued: “I went to the mosque, I took a photo and a security guard approached. He asks me for a camera, deletes the photo and returns the phone to me. The translator speaks with him and what happened is that when I turned around part of the skin had been seen on my wrist and you can only see the part of the eyes”.

He then recalled, “I traveled from Haedo to Dubai non-stop. My ex bought me tickets to go there and Diego appeared there. “How not to travel first class! ” Been Claudia Borges, was well surrounded, Alejo was in charge. We went to events. And we went to eat at the most beautiful place, from where you can see the whole city from above. I put everything on and, when we see Diego, he was in shorts and flip flops. “Is it going to be like this?” we asked. And when he walked in, everyone cheered him on: nobody cared what he was wearing.”

Muriega acknowledged that “dinner was equivalent to an apartment”, as if to illustrate the cost of these outings with Maradona. “A sheikh wanted to pay for his food and he didn’t want to. “Nobody pays for my food,” he said. And he paid. Clearly he was unwilling to receive, all he had been won with honor and he did not like enjoying the benefits,” he said. He also said he rejected a watch they wanted to give him. And he reflected: “He was fine, happy, they treated him like a super star.”

When asked if it would have been better for Maradona to stay in this country, Celeste pointed out: “His quality of life was different, he had a 24-hour driver waiting for him at the door, even a cook who asked him what he wanted to eat, a trainer, a masseur…”. Why did he turn? “As there is a stage that I did not experience, I prefer to be respectful and not say anything. I was really sorry for what had happened, I was separated but I was still able to speak to Alejo because it was a story that we lived together. Diego encouraged the relationship, he wanted us to have children. It was very sad to hear it like that. I stay with what I lived, which was beautiful,” Muriega replied.

Finally, the dancer spoke about this new stage of Sex. “We finished a season at the Gorriti Art Center and now we’re touring. I’m with my boyfriend, with Ginete Reynal, Valeria Archimo, Paula Pini, Mario Guerci, Sole Bayona, Maxi Diorio Yes Nacho Sureda. We are going to be in the suburbs, in the interior, in Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay, from Thursday to Sunday. The tour starts on April 7 and we don’t know until when,” she comments enthusiastically.


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