Cosmetic surgery and hair transplants continue to grow in popularity in Spain

The plastic surgery is more alive than ever and more and more people are undergoing this type of treatment in Spain. The hair transplantsThe facials or the stomach reductionamong others, are among the services most requested by users who resort to aesthetic medicine.

According to data from the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME)four out of ten Spaniards have recourse to aesthetic medicine. 35.9% of the population used some of the services offered during the year 2020 and women continue to dominate the rankings. Five out of ten have recourse to aesthetic care against two out of ten men.

But if there is a country that is at the top of all the world rankings of aesthetic medicine, it is Turkey. The country has some of the most prestigious centers in the world and specializes in health tourism. MCAN HEALTH, a leading Turkish cosmetic surgery clinic, is one of them and recently opened a branch in Madrid to be closer to its Spanish patients, who make up 30% of those seen at its cosmetic surgery clinic. Istanbul.

Gulsultan Dogan, founder of MCAN HEALTH gives some clues about the growth of cosmetic surgery in recent years and Turkey’s position in this field. “The taboo that existed on plastic procedures has been reduced, which resulted in an increase in operations. Since these operations are not covered by social security or medical insurance, many patients decide to come to Turkey to take advantage of more affordable prices.”

MCAN Health opens a branch in Madrid

MCAN HEALTH is known in Turkey for the treatment of its patients. “When they arrive in Istanbul, we pick them up at the airport and take care of them at all times,” they explain. What they detected was a lack of personal treatment before arrival, as distance forced virtual communication.

Now, with the opening of its headquarters in Madrid, the clinic will be able to offer ‘in situ’ medical consultations and travel advice to Turkey. “After the trip, we can monitor the patient more closely and take care of postoperative care. It is important to be able to control their recovery and assist them in every possible way & rdquor ;, they assure from the clinic that in addition it is certified by the Turkish government and by the competent European authorities

Turkey: world leader in medical tourism

Turkey attracts on average 1.2 million European patients each year. Several factors make the country an attraction for medical tourism. One of the most attractive cosmetic surgeries is the stomach reduction or bariatric surgery. In Spain, this treatment has long waiting lists and may involve a disbursement of 12,000 euroswhile in Turkey the treatment, travel or stay can cost 3,000 euros.

But beyond competitive pricing and medical quality standards, Turkey has a an attractive cultural and natural heritage, in addition to the facilities that make it an attractive destination for anywhere in the world.

Hair transplantation is the most requested treatment

From MCAN HEALTH they explain that the star treatment is hair transplantation, with an average of 180,000 operations per year. While in Spain a hair transplant does not go below 5,000 euros, with long waiting lists, the price of a transplant in Turkey starts from 1650 eurosaccommodation included in 4 or 5 star hotels, which can be booked a few days before the treatment.

The Senior Physician at MCAN Health, an award-winning company for Best Customer Service for WhatClinic in 2019, 2020 and 2021, explains how hair transplant surgery has evolved in recent years: “Turkey has established itself as one of the leading countries in hair transplantation due to the quality of its facilities, the great competitiveness and the medical experience of surgeons, who operate on more patients. than its European counterparts. Nor should we rule out the regulation of the Turkish Ministry of Health, which since 2018 has been responsible for accrediting agencies with the highest quality standards.”

MCAN Madrid already receives patients in the Torregalindo street, nº1in the neighborhood Chamartin of Madrid.

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