Dubai Expo 2020, the world of ideas to think about how future generations will live | World

This week culminated, in the United Arab Emirates, Expo Dubai 2020, the great universal fair and exhibition which showed the best of innovation, creativity and sustainable development.

Simply put, Expo Dubai 2020, which was postponed due to the pandemic and which kept its original name, was a kind of World Cup, but not of football, but of ideas to reflect on the how future generations will live on the planet. As its slogan suggested, the recently concluded Expo Dubai 2020 was about connecting minds and building the future.

It is a pleasure to see representatives from all over the world here, speaking different languages, different cultures, sharing different stories of innovation and learning from each other. It’s a real experience, I learned a lot, I was very close to the pavilion of El Salvador and its coffee, and, of course, that of Colombia and its coffee,” said Mohamed Issa Al Ansari , Vice President of Communications. at Expo 2020.

And it is that in addition to showing technological advances or luxuries, Expo 2020 has shown what 192 nations have to build a better world, where the environment is respected and science, culture and roots are privileged.

Expo 2020 Dubai not only became a huge opportunity for cultural exchange for six months, but it was also a very interesting option for doing business, but all under the umbrella of a sustainable economy.

One such example was seen in the mobility pavilion. More than showing the latest in cars, planes or spaceships, this exhibition wanted to make people understand that it is very important to do business to improve the way in which human beings move and the way in which people are transported, to prevent the planet from collapsing.

“We are trying to focus more on the mobility of people, the mobility of goods and services, and the mobility of information and data. And also we try to carry a message for future generations to choose their futuresaid Meera Aljanahi, spokesperson for the mobility pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020.

And he added that exactly children form these next generations who will live in the cities of the future, which “will be built for them and their needs”. “So it’s important for us to include children, because they will be the carriers or the people who will live in these cities in the future,” he noted.

It was six months of intense cultural activity, of millionaire businesses closing, of minds coming together to talk about what is to come, about the world we are waiting for and the one we want to leave to children and little ones. -children. This phrase has been repeated time and time again by hosts and visitors have come to adopt it.

“This pavilion tells people the story of our ancestors, how they managed to transform this wasteland from nothing into what is now known as the Emirates. The aim is to attract people to come to the United Arab Emirates. If you have a dream, something to share, comesaid Ahmed Zaytoun Almheiri, spokesperson for the UAE flag.

It was the first major post-pandemic global event. In fact, it was delayed for two years due to COVID-19. Expo 2020 also took place in the midst of an economic crisis following the pandemic and the tensions caused by the war in Ukraine.

But, despite all these factors, which caused fear and limited the arrival of many of those who went to Expo 2022, it was ultimately around 25 million people who visited the 192 national pavilions.

In recent weeks, ticket prices have even been lowered to promote entry into the huge square. It was a wonderful experience to also open up to the Arab world, to show their customs, to share their experiences and their ancient culture.

Moreover, it was an opening that covered all fronts, including current events. Noticias Caracol has signed an alliance with WAM, the news agency of the United Arab Emirates, reason for the visit of the news program to this Middle Eastern country. Expo 2020 closed the curtain last Thursday, March 31, 2022, and the next one will be in Osaka, Japan in 2025.

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