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The round of 16 of the Women’s Eurocup between Lointek Gernika and Çukurova Mersin of Turkey was a party for the Spanish team in the first leg (83-59, in the duel played on December 15 at the Maloste sports center) and a real hell in the return match, played this Tuesday in Comanche territory for the Biscay team, which was eliminated after losing its 24-point lead (69-40). Everything that happened before, during and after the game in Turkey was an odyssey for Gernika. A trap from another time, with questionable covid controls, an unexpected change of flag, anti-aircraft sirens in the middle of the game, and an arbitration criterion in line with the ambush. An unfortunate adventure which, beyond the sporting result, makes Belén Arrojo the main victim. The Granada player will not be able to return to Spain with the rest of the expedition and will have to wait until midday today to have a negative save test that allows her to return.

As early as December 18, three days after the first leg, Gernika (ninth in Endesa’s Women’s League) began racking up covid positives in her team and, confirmed the outbreak, asked FIBA ​​​​​to postpone the second leg until the infections are overcome. . The Turkish side were forced to relocate it on the schedule on December 30, leaving their rivals no room to recover from quarantine. Finally, the date set by FIBA ​​was Tuesday, January 4, with the condition imposed by Çukurova to do a PCR test on the Spanish team upon their arrival in Turkey. Gernika complied with the agreement and all players underwent PCR at Istanbul airport. All were negative. However, when they arrived in Adana (the city of the match) the day before, they were met by a van with Turkish club officials, accompanied by a male nurse, who urged the Gernika expedition to repeat the tests, in an improvised room and with their medical supplies. “Today at noon, the day of the match, they tell us that Belén [Arrojo] is positive. Surprise! We react quickly and he goes to the hospital to get another PCR. But you can’t play without having the result. It only happened when we were having dinner (after the game). It was negative. Surprise! They took Belén from us,” escort Roso Buch explained in her story on the networks. “They took out tubes for the PCR with the names of our players already assigned… Suspicious. We, all their managers, without masks. Weren’t they so worried about not getting infected and that’s why they made us do the test?” said Kevin Huber, physical trainer of the Spanish team, on Twitter, by attaching a video to his story.

Without franchise player Belén Arrojo and with a rotation of just eight players, Gernika prepared to defend the 24-point lead he secured in the first leg against one of the competition’s favorites. . Çukurova usually plays her matches at the Servet Tazegül Arena in Mersin, which has a capacity of 7,500 spectators, but, in search of a comeback, decided to change the venue of the match to the Edip Buran, a former old pavilion. half a century and with less than 2,000 spectators, with the stands attached to the track. All without warning his rival in advance or giving him the opportunity to train on the new ground the morning of the match. Nail scenography which the Turkish team complemented with a thundering soundtrack of anthems, horns and even anti-aircraft alarms during the match, each time the Spanish team attacked. A buzz that conditioned the course of the meeting: 23-6 in the first quarter and 42-15 at halftime. With Kristine Anigwe, Quanitra Hollingsworth and Jasmine Thomas leading the mighty Turkish artillery and a host of local fans fervently supporting Çukurova’s cause. “We suffered continued disrespect, insults from the stands and great teasing from the FIBA ​​referee trio,” said Kevin Huber.

Despite such a scenario, Gernika’s reaction in the last quarter saw them equalize. From 60-23 in the 27th minute to 64-40 with 43s to go. Until an unsportsmanlike call from Roselis Silva and a hat-trick from Jasmine Thomas complete the trap. The Gernika expedition will return to Spain at 06:00 a.m. without Belén Arrojo, who will have to wait a few more hours to certify a new negative test and be able to fly. An odyssey that takes basketball back to a time of tricks and ambushes that seemed outdated. But, in Adana, FIBA ​​​​​​(chaired in Europe by Turkey’s Turgay Demirel) allowed a reissue of the most controversial episodes from its past. “Ridiculous. Shame. I would like to be in a dream, because this lack of education and respect for basketball is not normal,” summarized Roso Buch. Çukurova advances to the round of 16, a round in which Valencia Basket will face Orman Genclik of Turkey.

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