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The prosecutor of the Hellenic Supreme Court, Vassilios Pliótas, ordered this Monday (08.09.2021) an investigation to find out whether the serious fires that have destroyed tens of thousands of hectares of forest and left hundreds of families homeless in recent days were caused by members of a criminal organization.

The suspicions are due to the “synchronization” of the “excessive number of fires, of unusual intensity and scale, which have occurred in recent days, causing incalculable damage to the environment and above all to the country’s forest wealth, buildings, agricultural land and crops, as well as tourist infrastructure,” Pliótas explained.

The fires have already killed two people. The second fatality occurred today when a 70-year-old man helping to put out a fire in Eratini, in the Gulf of Corinth, fell into a ravine with his excavator.

According to local media, the Defense Staff is investigating how Boeing CH-47 Chinook military helicopters were used in the fight against the fire which has already burned at least 65,000 hectares. These days, the government has been criticized for lack of air resources, especially in the fire of Evia, the second largest island in the country, which is still out of control despite the reinforcement of fire teams as the works are complicated by the dense smoke and turbulence generated by the extreme thermal load.

The mayor of Roviés in northern Evia, Thodoris Keris, told private Mega TV that an estimated 90% of the region’s livelihoods, mainly supported by tourism and agriculture, have been destroyed and ensured that several of the island’s neighbors are preparing a joint trial.

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