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Alopecia or loss of hair density has increased in both men and women, affecting the quality of life of those who suffer from it. Among the most common causes of this dermatological alteration are genetic predispositions (responsible for androgenetic alopecia), anemia, immunological diseases (which cause alopecia areata), medical treatments or thyroid disorders. According to the latest studies, vitamin deficiency and sustained stress over time, obesity and high fat diets also influence the thinning and loss of hair follicles.

What can we do to stop baldness? The first thing is to go to the trichologist dermatologist, specialist in the treatment and repair of the scalp, to find the cause of the hair loss, and decide on the personalized treatment according to the diagnosis. The key to a definitive treatment for baldness is choosing the right hair clinic. And here, the most important thing is to identify which professional and which technique will best meet our needs.

There are more and more frequent quick trip in Turkey looking for a solution to alopecia, with treatments that can also be found in our country. In fact, one of the first questions that arises when faced with the possibility of a hair transplant is where to do it: Turkey or Madrid? These are some of the best clinics, in both destinations, to end hair loss.

Top rated hair clinics in Madrid

The only solution for certain types of alopecia is hair transplantation using follicular micrografts, a minimally invasive technique, under local anesthesia, which consists of placing “hair by hair” in the area to be treated, from another region of the scalp where there is no baldness process started.

To choose the best hair clinic in Madrid, it is important to take into account its years of experience, the objective evaluations and opinions of the patients who have passed there, as well as the trajectory of its professionals. Here are some of the top rated hair transplant clinics in Madrid.


It is one of the hair transplant clinics with the best national and international rating, with a presence in more than 10 countries, almost five thousand satisfied customers and more than three million follicles implanted. Capilclinic’s long history has been consolidated by using advanced techniques to stop hair loss and strengthen the hair strand. As hair implant specialists, they have developed their own revolutionary method: Min Time FUE (acronym for Follicular Unit Extraction), which consists of keeping the follicles out of the body for as little time as possible during each operation, in order to guarantee a more great efficiency. .

Medilor Clinic

It is the pioneer clinic in the application of the FUE technique, minimally invasive, since 2003. To do this, they use microsurgical tools, a implanter less than a millimeter in diameter, allowing painless follicular extraction and rapid healing. His estimate is that in eight months, 90% of new hair will have grown and will remain on the scalp forever, without any special maintenance. In addition to hair restoration, this treatment is particularly indicated for the reconstruction of the forehead line, eyebrows, beard and pubis, the repair of scars from previous procedures and the reconstruction of previous hair transplants. The clinic allows online consultation and has a private hotel to accommodate patients from other cities.

Fuexpert Clinic

Clinic with specialized and highly qualified professionals who have some of the best opinions of patients who have requested treatment in recent years in Madrid. Each treatment requires a prior assessment and a personalized diagnosis, in which a possible pharmacological support with finasteride is evaluated in the months preceding the operation. Dr. Juan Couto and his team offer definitive solutions for alopecia, natural results and treatments with some of the most innovative techniques for hair enhancement. In addition to their personalized attention, the medical team recommends that their patients improve their lifestyle habits, such as sport and a healthy diet, and the use of shampoos without phosphates, paraffins or parabens, to reinforce the optimal result. hair surgery.

Personalized assessment and diagnosis precede rigorous medical monitoring of the process, which reduces the risk of surprises.

Top Rated Hair Clinics in Turkey

What if, in addition to the hair transplant, we took the opportunity to go sightseeing? In recent years, Turkey has become a very popular place for hair transplants. On the one hand, for economic reasons, since the prices are generally cheaper, and on the other hand, due to the good results in the best clinics, the result of decades of experience. One of the recommendations among patients who have chosen treatment in Turkey is not to worry, in the weeks following the trip, about the so-called shock loss or loss of follicles shock of the scalp in the transplanted area. This loss is completely normal, temporary and reversible, and the transplanted hair will come out and grow back stronger. Turkish clinics also carry out pre- and post-operative follow-up which guarantees the safety and success of the treatment. These are the top rated clinics in this country.

There is no need to worry, in the weeks following the trip, of the so-called shock loss or loss of follicles due to scalp shock in the transplanted area. This loss is normal, temporary and reversible, and the transplanted hair will come out and grow back stronger.


Dr. Oguz Kayiran, Director of Capilclinic Turkey, has more than 10 years of experience in plastic surgery and aesthetic reconstructive surgery, with a long history in major hospitals in Turkey and as a scientific research author. Capilclinic Turkey offers a package specially designed for the Spanish public, which includes airport transfer, accommodation, simultaneous translation service, personalized treatment and pre and post-operative follow-up. Among its innovative techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, the DHI (“Direct Hair Implantation”), FUE and “Min Time FUE” techniques stand out, exclusive to Capilclinic, a method that allows better quality of the follicles and achieves better results.

Doctor T Hair DRT Hair Transplant Clinics

This clinic was founded in 1998, specializing in hair transplantation and run by Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu, with offices in Istanbul and Cyprus. It is one of the three most appreciated Turkish clinics by patients who come to treat their alopecia. Its success is due to the constant updating of the training of its professionals and the equipment available. Among its innovative technology, the Sapphire Premade Slit (SPS) method stands out, which uses a 0.8 to 1 millimeter sapphire blade to make the hair transplant incisions, which allows each follicle to be transplanted with a density 30% higher than that used with other techniques. The clinic has the certificate of the Joint Commission International -which certifies compliance with regulations, safety and quality of health facilities- and is one of the pioneers of international training in hair transplantation for national and international professionals. .

Doctor Muttalip Keser Clinic

The clinic run by Dr. Abdul Muttalip Keser is one of the most reputable clinics in Ankara, with more than 10 years of experience in using manual FUE technique. Its personalized study of each patient allows a design based on the characteristics and density of the rest of the hair, achieving a natural effect. Dr. Keser has popularized his own method: he cuts the hair as close as possible with a 0.7-0.9 millimeter diameter punch, patented and exclusive to this clinic, which allows high graft densities: 60 to 80 grafts per square centimeter. The particularity of his method consists in multiplying the sessions to relieve the patient’s fatigue: from 600 to 800 grafts per FUE at each session, i.e. approximately 2,000 grafts in three sessions or 3,000 in five sessions, with intervals of two days between each session. The package for international patients includes transfers, accommodation, interpreter and post-operative follow-up.

In addition to the official qualification and the specific training of the surgeons who will intervene in the operation, it is advisable to check the certificates of the clinic, to ensure that it respects the sanitary rules and offers guarantees of a procedure in completely safe.

How to choose the best clinic in Madrid or Turkey

Whether you decide to perform a hair transplant in Madrid or in Turkey, there are certain aspects that must be taken into account before choosing a clinic. When it comes to hair health, it’s not just about comparing budgets and finding the most affordable price, but also ensuring that the center will have the maximum safety, hygiene and comfort measures, qualifications of its professionals, necessarily collegiate, and state-of-the-art equipment in modern and well-equipped facilities, as minimum requirements.

In addition to the official qualification and specific training of the surgeons who will be involved in the operation, it is advisable to check the certificates of the clinic, to ensure that it complies with health rules and offers the guarantees of a procedure. safely.

The choice of the method to solve the alopecia also influences the decision, since it would be necessary to evaluate if the technique requires one or more sessions, if the necessary post-operative check-up is offered and if they have a 24-hour telephone. or Whatsapp contact, in case of unforeseen. DHI and FUE techniques are safe methods with years of scientific evidence and successes. However, the Min Time FUE technique, exclusive to Capilclinic, is one of the newest and most effective.

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