Herediano scored a double goal against Greece

Herediano gained more than three points beating Greece 3-1. And it is that the day has arrived, or rather the night, for José Guillermo Ortiz to be reconciled with the goal, after a long drought since the end of September.

It was something that the Canalete de Upala striker not only wanted, but also became the goal of all his ‘Team’ mates.

In fact, it was set as one of the proposed goals for this game. The Florense team were so confident that it would happen that they had no problem revealing this intention minutes before the game started at Colleya Fonseca.

In the red and yellow dressing room, they felt it was right and necessary that this moment came when Ortiz returned to goal.

Just as they started to recover lost ground with Jafet Soto on the bench, the same way they broke the winless streak they had after winning the title in December and left that awkward position in the basement. , the Florens today for today are not just setting the table.

Against Greece they managed to restore the confidence of a dangerous man like Ortiz, who walked with dry powder and who in that meeting with the goal converted a brace.

He even wanted something more, which is why he wasn’t entirely satisfied when Jafet Soto replaced him in the 55th minute with Orlando Galo.

The game was good and it was not an easy puzzle to solve, despite the score. Herediano pushed harder, but Grecia did her thing.

Juan Miguel Basultó issued a warning in a fixed tactical action. However, the Greeks did not read the warning.

It was a premonition of what was to come. Three minutes later, it was Basulto who erased the zeros from the scoreboard, his head completely clear from a point, after a corner kick executed with precision by John Jairo Ruiz.

Something similar happened with José Guillermo Ortiz. Roan Wilson gave him the ball and in front of the frame he couldn’t score.

After this clear option that could have been and was not, he failed again. Keysher Fuller crossed in the 34th minute and Ortiz headed home.

The party was not his. He shared the relief with all his companions.

Two minutes pass and a wall between John Jairo Ruiz and Yendrick Ruiz has its effect: the ball hits the horizontal, but Ortiz is in the right place in front of the frame and thus signs his double of the evening.

Greece discounted with Reimond Salas before the protagonists left at the break. It was a display of pure technique to elegantly defeat Esteban Alvarado.

The Greeks had a few chances to fully enter the game, in a game in which the “team” also missed a few options with Kennedy Rocha, Jonathan McDonald and Jefferson Brenes, so the scoreline was bigger.

Herediano won 3-1 and according to data from journalist and statistician Christian Sandoval, Ortiz’s scoreless streak ended in 1,701 minutes, including 1,373 with the Florens and 328 with the national team.

score sheet

3 Heredian

Esteban Alvarado, Juan Miguel Basulto, Jewison Bennette, Aarón Salazar, Gerson Torres, Keysher Fuller, John Jairo Ruiz, Waylon Francis, José Guillermo Ortiz, Yeltsine Tejeda and Yendrick Ruiz.

DT: Jafet Soto

Changes: Kennedy Rocha (Bennette, 45′), Orlando Galo (Ortiz, 55′), Jonathan McDonald (John Jairo Ruiz, 65′), Jefferson Brenes (Torres, 76′) and Luis Miguel Franco (Fuller, at 76′).

1 Greece

Anthony Monreal, Jefferson Rivera, Jean Carlo Agüero, Kenner Gutiérrez, Jean Carlos Sánchez, José Luis Calderón, Youstin Salas, Roan Wilson, Joshua Parra, Reimond Salas and Brian Martínez.

TD: Jose Araya

Replacements: Enyel Escoe (Calderón, 45′), Luis Rodríguez (Parra, 45′) and Kevin Artavia (Martínez, 75′).

Goals: 1-0 (29′) Juan Miguel Basulto (John Jairo Ruiz), 2-0 (34′) José Guillermo Ortiz (Fuller), 3-0 (36′) José Guillermo Ortiz (John Jairo Ruiz) and 3- 1 (45′+1) Reimond Salas.

Referees: Cristian Rodríguez in the middle, assisted by Víctor Ramírez and Emmanuel Alvarado.

Stadium: Colleya Fonseca, Guadeloupe, 8 p.m.

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