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the holidays of Holy Week They have already begun, and visitors to the beaches and the main tourist attractions of our country do not wait to rest and relax.

We tell you how the tourist flow is going so far in some places in our country, considering that the COVID pandemic has subsided.

The hotels of Tamaulipas start of vacation period Easter, with an occupancy of 80 percent, however for this weekend, destinations such as Miramar in Ciudad Madero, La Pesca, Soto La Marina and Baghdad Beach in Matamoros, they report 100% occupancy.

Tourism Secretary Fernando Olivera Rocha said the estimate is just over 2 million tourists during this period, which they will leave an economic spill of 2 billion pesos over the two weeks.

Yesterday Friday, Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca gave the starting signal for the security and tourist service operation for Holy Week 2022 from the state capital.

“We have responsibly made available 90% capacity on the beaches,” the president said, noting that the more than 8 million tourists in the current administration have left an economic spillover of just over of 7 billion pesos,” the president said. .

For the safety of passers-by, more than 3,200 state police, six canine officers, 16 horses and 363 motor vehicles have been put in place, in addition to other security services, roadside assistance, civil protection, health, tourism, among others, they will collaborate in this operation.

Although in this holiday period the main destinations are those on the beach, others like the magical towns of Mier and Tula, religious and adventure tourism, are also visited.

The state governor explained that the El Cielo Biosphere Reserve in the municipality of Gómez Farías, affected since March 16 by a fire that has affected more than a thousand hectares, will be open to the public, after the areas normally visited by the tourists, were not affected.

Oaxaca will have an economic income of 439 million pesos

The state of Oaxaca expects an economic spill of 439 million pesos, during the Easter holidays in the entity’s three main tourist destinations.

According to data from Juan Carlos Rivera Castellanos, Secretary of Tourism, the economic impact is concentrated mainly in the city of Oaxaca, Huatulco and Puerto Escondido.

The hotel occupancy in Oaxaca City will be 68% and 58 thousand 129 tourists will visit it, in addition to a spill of 153 million pesos.

While in Huatulco Berries hotel occupancy is 85% and 32,000,518 visitors, as well as an economic benefit of 207 million pesos.

Meanwhile, Puerto Escondido beaches, which expect 70% hotel occupancy, will be visited by at least 31,502 tourists and will have an economic benefit of 79 million pesos.

This Saturday the beginning of the Easter holiday period which will be from April 8 to 25.

The beaches of the tourist destinations of Oaxaca, this morning, already seem with a great influx of tourism, as well as in the historic temples and archaeological areas of the city of Oaxaca.

In the various hotels, they are continuing the sanitary protocols to avoid the contagion linked to COVID-19.

For his part, José Rivera of the Association of Hotels and Motels of Oaxaca, mentioned “this season will be a rebound of what will happen with the return of the July festivities, the Guelaguetza, after they were suspended for two years due to COVID”.

“This is the spearhead to announce that we are preparing the return of face-to-face events in Oaxaca,” he said.

He added “the visit is expected, mainly from national tourism, which occupies the roads to reach these three leisure areas for families”.

During the pandemic, he reported, they closed 10 hotels, of which since 2021 they have reintegrated and to date they have already reopened.

There is 51% hotel occupancy in Guerrero

At the official start of the Easter holiday period 2022Guerrero’s top tourist destinations recorded an average hotel occupancy of 51.4 percentit is therefore estimated that 400,000 visitors will arrive during this holiday period, which runs from April 8 to 24.

According to figures from the State Secretariat for Tourismthe beach binomial formed by Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo in first place with a hotel occupancy of 64.2%, followed by acapulco which reached 47 percent, and in third place Taxco de Alarcón with only 34.5.

The head of the agency, Santos Ramírez Cuevas, indicated that the arrival of more than 285,000 tourists is estimated for the port of Acapulco, which will represent an average occupancy of 65%, while for Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, the arrival of more than 75 is expected. .000 vacationers, and in Taxco the presence of around 15,000 visitors is expected

The official clarified that, although Guerrero has a sanitary green light, the Covid-19 pandemic persists, therefore in the case of hotels, the maximum authorized capacity will be 90% of its total capacity and 80% for other types. of tourists. services.

It should be noted that for this Easter holiday period, the authorities have launched a surveillance operation involving more than two thousand elements from the three levels of government, supported by 150 vehicles, including patrols, motorcycle patrols, mountain bikes, a Rinho-type armored vehicle and a helicopter, with which it is intended to guarantee the safety of the thousands of tourists who will enjoy their holidays in Guerrero.

There is 80% hotel occupancy in the Mexican Caribbean

With an occupancy rate of 80%, or 41 thousand 636 rooms occupied out of the 52 thousand 044 offered between Cancun, Puerto Morelos and Isla Mujeres, the Easter holiday season has begun in the Mexican Caribbean.

Statistics from the Secretariat of Tourism of Quintana Roo point out that the Riviera Maya also has reserves at 80%, Cozumel at 62% and Great Mayan Coast 40%, while air operations, both domestic and international, totaled 638.

The state agency has indicated that the projection for this season in Quintana Roo is the arrival of one million 171 thousand tourists, during the period from April 8 to 24, an economic spillover of more than 970 million dollars is estimated, with numbers virtually the same as 2019 on those dates.

Jalisco will have more than two-thirds occupancy during this holiday

During the period of Holy Week and Easter holidays, the occupancy of hotels in Jalisco predicts an index of more than 75% among all the different tourist destinations.

The president of the Entity Hotel Association, Juan Carlos Mondragón, points out that the presence of guests has increased, as have the authorizations of the health table, an inter-institutional body that regulates the State’s capacity to following the pandemic. , which is currently allowed to serve its maximum capacity to restaurants and hotels, “we must remember that in 2019 we closed at 61% occupancy, in 2020 we closed at 27.5, in 2021 at 45% and we believe that this year we could be around more than the occupancy rate among all establishments”.

Only hotels in the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara have reservations of more than 50% of their rooms, and more customers are expected in the week due to the religious activities that will take place, “we have done and worked very hard with the office of visitors and conventions is to promote these events and activities and we believe that all of this will help a lot.Now something that has also happened in an interesting way is that within the state all what has to do with Los Altos, with the mountainous area, the area that is towards the coast also increased their reserves and also believe that they are going to do very well and that the occupancy rate should be d about 75%.”

During this Holy Week and at Easter, hotel occupancy in Puerto Vallarta is 90% booked, and occupancy will increase as Holy Week progresses, and for Holy Thursday and Holy Saturday, a full house might be registered at hotels.

For her part, the entity’s Secretary of Tourism, Claudia Vanessa Pérez Lamas, pointed out that good results are also expected in destinations such as the Magic Towns, “I think we will be able to reach 65 and up to 70% of occupation, rather favorable figures”, assured.

Jalisco is the first state in hotel establishments in the country, and Holy Week and the Easter holidays could represent a spill of more than 4 billion pesos, according to estimates by the director of the Bureau of Conventions and Visitors of Guadalajara (Ofvc), Gustavo Staufert. Buclon.

With information by Perla Reséndez, Renán Quintal, Óscar García, Enrique Villagómez and Juan Carlos Huerta Vázquez.

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