How to process the visa to travel to the United States and what is its cost?

The US Visa It is an essential document for travel to the United StatesIf you don’t have it, you cannot legally enter the neighboring country. if you wonder what is needed to get the visa for the first time, We explain the requirements of the process and its cost.

The temporary US visa with which you are authorized to travel to the United States for vacation, business, visiting family or friends, and for medical treatment is B1/B2.

But beware! With this type of visa you cannot study, work or stay in the United States, for this you need another type of document.

What documents do you need?

During the process, they ask you for specific information that appears on your passport, an ID, as well as the name of the hotel where you plan to stay, so it is very important that you have the following documents at hand tomorrow :

  • Valid passport
  • Information about your travel reservation

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How to obtain the American visa B1/B2?

You should check the current information on the status of appointments and visas in the official site of the United States Embassy and Consulates in Mexico.

  • Complete Form DS-160: The first step to applying for the US visa is to complete this form, which takes approximately 90 minutes, and can be found on the Embassy’s website.

In this format, the person concerned expresses the reasons for his trip and gives general data (date of birth, place of residence, profession, and even if he has a criminal record). You should also write the address of the hotel or house where you intend to stay on your next trip.

You must fill in this format very carefully because it is the one that the American authorities take into account for the process. If you don’t have the estimated time to complete it, you can download it, complete it, and upload it to the page later.

There, it will launch a new questionnaire for you in which you must select the option that corresponds to your interests: Mexican citizen who has completed the DS-160 application and wishes to apply for a visa.

There, you will be asked to fill in a new format with personal data, such as your name, email account and mobile number so that they can send you alerts about your application process. In addition, they ask you to put a password.

Once the account has been created, it is essential that you make the corresponding payment, for this you must download the instructions for the cash payment of the US visa fee. There is the applicant’s reference number.

What is the cost of US visa 2021?

The cost of the American visa this 2021 remains at 160 dollars (About 3,360 pesos). Children under 15 only pay $16. Payment is made in cash at branches of Citibanamex and Scotiabank.

It is very important to keep the proof of payment and to check that the reference number is correct.

The United States Government advises that the visa payment is NOT refundable or transferable.

Payment can take up to two business days to register.

  • Schedule your appointment: After the payment is registered, you will be able to generate an appointment on the same website of the Official Service of the Visa Information and Appointment System. It is required that you provide your DS-160 application folio and, if the visa is approved, select the address of the DHL office closest to you to receive your documents.

Later, go to your appointment, on the day and time scheduled, at the Candidate Service Center, located at Calle de Hamburgo 213, Colonia Juárez. There they take your photo, your fingerprints and receive your documents.

If you can, arrive 15-20 minutes early to be on time. Security is very important, it is forbidden to enter with mobile phones, tablets or computers on.

  • Plan your meeting with the consul: The interview is also scheduled on the website of the Official Visa Information and Appointment System Service. For this, it is essential to have documents with you that allow you to verify the income and the reasons for the trip, although they are not compulsory, they can be of great help in obtaining the visa.
  • Verdict: If approved, the visa will arrive at the DHL office you chose during your process. The status of the request can be checked on the page where the DS-160 format was generated.

You also receive notifications on your email address and mobile number that you registered during the application.

How to renew US visa?

In the Web page of the U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Mexico It is reported that due to the pandemic, renewal applicants have to wait longer than usual to complete the process.

The people whose visa expired in the last 48 months may be eligible for an interview waiver in 2021, by making the corresponding payment for the visa and completing the DS-160 form.

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Are you about to have a procedure? Check costs and requirements here.



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