How to travel safely this Easter

Everything seems to indicate that this Holy Week people are going to travel. The indicators show it and above all, we are all very excited after what we have experienced during these two interminable years of the pandemic. Many of these short trips will take place within Europe and some even outside the continent.

When we plan to go on a trip, the first thing we do is think about where we are looking forward to going, what we want to visit and with whom. We make a rough program of the activities we want to do and then we book flights, hotels and other events.

In many cases, compared to other citizens of the countries of our economic and cultural environment, we forget one aspect. Travel insurance. For example, what would be the price of an all-risk travel insurance to travel for a week in Europe? The answer is less than 40 euros. Therefore, it seems clear that this is a very low cost compared to the total price of the trip.

What is the coverage of the travel insurance policy?

The next question would be whether, despite a small amount, it really adds value before and during the trip. To answer, the best is to evoke possible eventualities.

We are in a much more favorable moment of the pandemic than a few months ago for the reasons that we all already know. However, the first thing that should interest us when traveling is to know what the situation is in the destination country and what requirements will be imposed on us to enter it. Also, let us know about any limitations that work that might limit the recreational activities to be performed. All this information in many travel insurances, on request, will be provided by the insurer.

But before leaving on a trip, we may have a significant problem, such as, for example, falling ill (not only because of Covid-19) or an incident of a loved one that prevents us from starting it. In this case, the travel insurance will return the amount invested, otherwise we were able to recover it.

A suitcase on an airport baggage claim carousel

Mariusz Blach

What does the insurance do if the airline loses my luggage?

We are already at the destination airport, but we have the bad luck that they lost the suitcases. How do you spend the week without clothes and other personal items? Easy. We buy the necessary, scan the tickets and send them to the insurer.

The above is an annoying problem, but not a major one. Now, for most people, the most unpleasant eventuality on a leisure trip is having a sudden health problem. It doesn’t have to be serious to be disturbing and generate insecurity due to being away from home. If it is a minor ailment, a phone call or video consultation with the insurer’s medical team will surely be enough to find a solution. In more important cases, the same experts will indicate a specific health center where they will wait for us. All possible costs related to medical care will be covered by the travel insurance.

If we have to spend a few days in the hospital, the insurance would cover the travel costs of a family member from the country of origin to be close to the patient. When you leave, there will be two people who will return on a new date that will surely not coincide with the one that was already planned. The flight we originally purchased will not work for us.

Finally, it will be very useful to have an application on your mobile with detailed and up-to-date information on the country you are visiting, as well as an alert system reporting any public health problems, political risks or risks related to the nature (floods, earthquakes, etc.) that can affect us. Several travel insurance companies, such as IRIS GLOBAL, include this type of service in their application.

These are just a few examples of the type of contingencies covered by insurance when traveling for pleasure. Many other guarantees could be added, such as: medical transfer, return of minors, loss or theft of personal documents, legal assistance, loss and cancellation of flights, early return due to hospitalization or death of a family member , civil liability and others.

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