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There is a desire to travel. Neither the pandemic nor the strict sanitary measures prevented us from circumnavigating the globe in three frantic days. The International Tourism Fair saves its 42nd edition with a message of hope and moderate optimism and, after the professional conference, will keep its doors open to the public during the weekend.

Despite the uncertainty and according to which sources, the recovery of the sector to pre-pandemic levels will not arrive before the end of 2023, the most optimistic, or well before 2024, the most pessimistic; 2022 is full of dates to travel.

Short trips are taken, domestic, local and nature destinations are maintained and, since social distancing and a certain isolation must be maintained, exotic, uncrowded destinations and islands from one end of the world to the other emerge strongly. luxury, personalized and private experiences.

Bring your passport, your vaccination record and don’t forget to check the entry and health conditions of your destination. Let’s go on a trip!

Close to paradise

The Maldives is a dream destination where you can truly isolate yourself from the madding crowds and enjoy a luxurious experience – and not just because of the budget you will have to prepare. 26 atolls and a procession of 1,200 islands floating on the Indian Ocean, but you can only stay in barely a hundred of them. These are the so-called hotel islands. One of them is Kamufushi, in the Baa archipelago, 55 minutes by seaplane – quite an experience – from Malé and one of the most biodiverse.

The Finolhu complex awaits you there with everything you need to feel in paradise: four restaurants, a spa and 125 villas on the seafront and on stilts, the famous cover the watersome and some with swimming pool infinite private.

Here is also the first Maldives Beach Bubble. A stretch of fine white sand, private and secluded, in the facilities of Finolhu, where the most romantic can sleep a night under the stars in a transparent bubble suite and enjoy the Dream Eclipse experience, with butler service included, dinner walk to the beach and breakfast at sunrise from an exclusive vantage point with the turquoise ocean as an endless landscape. Swim with sharks, enter dhoni –the typical local boats–, diving and the discovery of corals and colorful fish are other activities that you can practice.

the magic of the desert

Camels resting on the beaches of the Persian Gulf in the emirate of Ras al-Khaimah. Getty Images

It is the smallest and least known of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), it is Ras al-Khaimah, at the northern end of the Persian Gulf, on the Rub al-Jali desert, protected by mountains and sea. And it is this particular nature, where calm reigns and where you will hardly find tourists, which makes it ideal for adventure.

You can go around its beautiful red desert in a 4×4 and sleep in a tent sheltered from the stars like a real Bedouin; get lost in the rocky mountains of Al Hajar; dream among the ruins of the hilltop Sheba Palace, the oldest in the UAE, or those of Dhayah Fort; visit the ghost town of Jazirat Al Hamra and relax on its beautiful beaches with soft golden sand. Don’t miss the opportunity to get closer to neighboring Dubai and visit the impressive Expo 2022,

The best island in the world

Santana Cliff (Madeira)

Vertigo cliff on the coast of the city of Santana (Madeira).

Madeira (Portugal) cradles the Atlantic like a floating Eden. For six consecutive years, it has won the award for the best island destination in the world at the World Travel Awards. It’s rare for an island, but nobody goes to Madeira for its beaches, of which it has two natural and two man-made, as well as spectacular natural pools and impressive cliffs that carve its coast.

A dense green cover covers the entire landscape, ideal for nature lovers, and in every corner you will find all kinds of flowers, all those on the planet, which the locals boast of. In its charming capital, Funchal, enjoy a walk through history, tasty cuisine and excellent Madeira wines with their own DO. One way to get to know it is the Blandy cellars, in the old town.

Asia on one side, on the other…


The Golden Horn, at the entrance to the Bosphorus Strait, which divides Istanbul. tourism in turkey

… Europe. Istanbul is one of the most magical cities in Europe and Asia, as the evocative Bosphorus Strait – don’t deprive yourself of a cruise in its waters – divides it between the two continents. An imperial capital in Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman times which, despite the passage of time, has kept the charms of the best of each house. These are the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia -an ancient Christian temple-, Topkapi Palace or Dolmabhçe Palace, Galata Tower, the sentinel of the Middle Ages and the Grand Bazaar, the largest market in the world.

Cosmopolitan and traditional, you will discover in its neighborhoods scenarios of television soap operas: Turkish soap operas are on the rise and there are specific routes; Throughout the city you can taste Turkish delights, its excellent cuisine. Don’t miss the real thing brunch the inhabitants will eat for three days; if you have a sweet tooth, enjoy a baklava at the famous Karaköy Güllüoglu and indulge yourself in the upscale Nisantasi district.

adventure and legends


Local fishermen in Langkawi (Malaysia). Tourism in Malaysia

Malaysia is reopening its borders to travelers and doing so from the idyllic island of Langkawi in the Strait of Malacca. A bubble destination from which you can move freely to other parts of the country. Langkawi was a pirate’s paradise. In the north of the island, the luxury hotels are concentrated on the beach, white or black, with rows of palm trees and behind, the jungle. Direct contact with nature is one of its main attractions.

Getting around Malaysia is very easy and safe, although to enter the legendary jungles of Borneo, in the Malaysian part, you will need a guide, also to climb the pinnacles of Gunung Mulu or the mythical Mount Kinabalu.

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