Italy ends use of face masks outdoors, opens nightclubs

As of this morning, it is not compulsory to wear face masks outdoors in Italy, although they must be used in crowded conditions and always indoors in Italy, where nightclubs are also reopening, in a new step in the elimination of restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In the ordinance signed by the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, published in the Official Gazette, the end of the compulsory nature of the face mask outdoors is established from today, after having been reintroduced during the period of Christmas due to the increase in cases.

However, until March 31, when the state of emergency in Italy will end, the obligation to wear a face mask in closed places other than private homes is maintained.

Until March 31, 2022, the use of respiratory protection devices in closed places other than private homes is compulsory throughout the national territory. It is also compulsory throughout the national territory to always carry respiratory protection equipment and to wear it where there are crowds or agglomerations, ”reads the ordinance.

Another sign of the gradual return to normality will be the opening today of nightclubs and dance halls, the sector hardest hit by the pandemic.

You can enter with the full vaccination certificate or have overcome the disease, and you must wear the mask if you are seated, but you can remove it on the dance floor.

Inner masks will not be compulsory in France

The French government announced in the last hours that from February 28, the mask will no longer be compulsory inside the premises which require the vaccination passport to enter.

In places where this certificate is not requested, as well as in transport, the mask will remain compulsory, the Ministry of Health said in a press release.

On February 2, the mask was no longer compulsory outdoors in the country, but French health authorities continue to recommend its use in the event of a high concentration of people.

The protocol required for contact cases of coronavirus has also been lightened. Instead of the current three tests on the first, second and fourth day, only one test needs to be done, either an antigen or PCR test, on the second day to know you have been in contact with an infected person.

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Denmark rules out fourth dose and won’t offer third to minors

Denmark recently ruled out the fourth dose of the covid-19 vaccine and will not offer the booster to those under 18 due to high population immunization, lower risk of the Omicron variant and seasonality.

These reasons had already been used by Danish authorities to lift all coronavirus pandemic restrictions ten days ago, making the Nordic country the first in Europe to do so.

The General Directorate of Health, which offered the fourth dose to people suffering from serious and particularly vulnerable conditions, considers that People over 85 and residents of nursing homes are well protected with the booster and they and the rest of the population do not need another in the current situation.

“There is currently no health reason to offer the third dose to those under 18, as it has not yet been approved by the European Medicines Agency and because this age group already has a high immunity and little risk of serious illness if infected. with ómicron,” reads a statement.

Russia registers more than 200,000 cases of Covid-19

Russia exceeded 200,000 daily Covid-19 cases during these hours due to the advance of the Omicron variant in the country, according to data from the operational center for the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Until the day before, 203,949 new infections were reported in Russia, where there were 19,281 hospitalizations in the past day due to the contagious disease, down 0.85% from a day before.

A decrease in the number of hospitalizations is observed in 38 Russian regions, in one the situation remains the same, and in 46 others there has been an increase in admissions, according to official data.

In Moscow, the epicenter of the pandemic in Russia, 18,541 new cases were reported in the last day and in Saint Petersburg 22,070.

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