Journey into the past of the new blue jewel: shyness, ambition and ‘mañoseo’ at the U casino

Darío Osorio is the great appearance of the University of Chile in the midst of a campaign characterized by irregularity. During pre-season, the 18-year-old southpaw captivated DT football santiago escobar and adds six first-team appearances. In the classical college (2-1 defeat), his presence in the second half was decisive for the resumption of the visit in San Carlos de Apoquindo before the CPU and scored a top-tier goal. Fans are already asking for their ownership.

Manuel Leiva he managed Osorio in U15 U then, when he was in charge of the club’s youth football, he closely followed the evolution of the midfield. César Bravo’s current assistant coach at Unión Española has revealed unknown details about the new blue gem’s journey to the first team.

“When we arrived with Hernán Caputto (in the training area) at the U, I had to assume this category and Darío was there, they were those who were born in 2004. He immediately caught my eye, along with Lucas Assadi, the two most projectable players I’ve seen in the squad. Obviously now they show it, but back then they made the difference compared to others, despite the fact that this category still has very good players,” said Leiva.

“Later, Hernán was promoted to the first team and I had to take charge of youth football. There we organized the projection group theme and Darío was included. When it was my turn to manage him, I spoke with him and always told him that we saw him as an attacking midfielder, because of his technical qualities. He has a very “educated” left foot, a very good shot, he hits the ball very well and has a very good reading and vision of the game”. added the Chilean coach.

– During his appearance in the first team, Osorio went through several positions in the left sector. What would be your original position?

– He always played as an attacking midfielder. Later he was taken over by Professor Nico (Nicolás) Prieto and continued to play very well in that position. Later, in the Sub 17, he was with Esteban Valencia and there he improved a lot, especially because Esteban had the ability to place him in another position. He placed him as a more delayed midfielder, as an exit midfielder. The truth is that he acquired everything he lacked there. He was a very good attacking midfielder and all, but the question of aggression, ball recovery and all that cost him a bit. When Valencia lowered him (from position), he started to add to his qualities all the attributes he lacked. Without a doubt, it made him a more complete player, that’s what we see now. Today, he has a good offensive arrival, but he also has a commitment to defend.

Osorio stood out against UC.


Osorio stood out against UC.FELIPE ZANCA/PHOTOSPORT

– How did you see him in the first team of the U? He still has things to show.

– The truth is that I believe that, as long as they give him the opportunity, he will show all the abilities he has. When a player is young, they start him little by little so that he acquires the experiences he needs or closes this cycle which means moving to the first team. Without a doubt, he has the qualities, and to spare.

– Do you think you can perform better a little further in the midfield? Santiago Escobar fielded him as a left midfielder behind Jeisson Vargas.

– I think when he has a better vision of the game, he can be used more. No doubt he can do it a little higher up the pitch too, but when he comes from further away he has a much wider field of vision. He has the ability to put that pass between the lines or make a change of play, allow and obviously finish, because he hits the ball very well.

– How is he personally?

– Darío is from the La Calera de Hijuelas sector. He is a very good boy, very gentleman, very correct. He has a peculiarity: for many years he lived in the cadet house of the U. He was very young when he arrived and has always been a bit shy and withdrawn. For example, when we went to the casino (to the CDA) several times the aunts made him eat all the food, all the vegetables, because he was a bit reluctant to eat certain things. He was still skinny and suddenly had a growth spurt. He’s a very good boy, calm, introverted, but on the pitch he shows what everyone has seen of him. He grew as a person and, God willing, may he be very successful. It was obvious that he came from a very well organized family.

Blue is also part of the minor teams.


Blue is also part of the minor teams.

– What projection do you see now that you stand out in the U first team?

– I think he is a boy who has a lot of qualities and that as he gains confidence, he will gain space, because of his quality of play. I think he will more than achieve what he seeks. He’s a talented boy, he’s ambitious, he’ll always want to be there to play and achieve what he sets out to do.

– Osorio is from the same generation as Assadi, how did they coexist on the pitch in youth football? Both are initially attacking midfielders.

– Lucas played higher, like ‘9’. He (Assadi) is a different centre-forward, he’s a “9 and a half”. The two complemented each other very well, they always had a very good friendship. Not to mention that on the pitch. When they were put together, the soccer ball looked like a tennis ball. They both have a lot of quality.

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