Malaga presents its candidacy for Expo 2027 in Dubai, highlighting the relevance of its theme

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Málaga’s bid for the 2027 Specialized Exhibition continues to gain momentum. The institutional representatives of the proposal presented it this Monday in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, dubaiwhere the 2020 World Expo is currently being held.

The relevance of the chosen theme –The urban era: towards the sustainable city-, the “unprecedented” transformation of the city based on culture and innovation, the reuse of the land where the Expo will be held and the existence of many infrastructures necessary to host the event played in the presentation.

In an act before representatives of several countries, the Mayor of Malaga, Francois de la Tourtook care to thank all the delegations for their presence at the event and anticipated that the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals will feature prominently in the proposal.

“We wear cultivating this project for almost three years“, said De la Torre, who highlighted the precedents for organizing events in the city such as Mobile Week or Transfers, which he attributed to the presence of the third largest Spanish airport on the peninsula, the ‘AVE in Madrid or the ‘extraordinary hotel capacity.

For his part, the President of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, defended in a short video that Malaga is several years ahead of the sustainability challenges of the future. He started his speech saying “Málaga, where else?”; in Spanish, “Málaga, where better?”, a slogan already used in the tourist facet of the city which also culminated the new Expo video they showed.

The President of the Provincial Council, Francois Salty, He highlighted the crossroads of cultures that the province has represented throughout history and how it has projected itself into the cultural and artistic avant-garde that Picasso represents or into the technological boom of the PTA or the AMU.

The Spanish Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Inigo de Palacio, praised the city of Malaga and the work of its mayor; while curator of the Spanish pavilion at Expo Dubai, carmen wellrecalled the national precedents for the organization of these events: Sevilla 1992 and Zaragoza 2008.

work sunday

According to details provided by the Consistory, the Malaga delegation had an “intense” work program on Sunday. And the proof is Coordination meeting organized by the advisor with the Spanish pavilion team during the international event, followed by a working lunch at the Moroccan pavilion. Later, he visited the Dubai Expo control center.

The local president also took the opportunity to visit the flags of New Zealand and Germany. In the latter, he signed in the honor book, as detailed in the official account of the city council on Twitter.

This is the second time that Expo2027 Malaga has visited Dubai. She has already done so on February 12 at an event organized by the Junta de Andalucía on the occasion of the Andalusian week. This time it is an event designed expressly for the presentation of the candidacy.

After the political interventions, there was a lyrical recital of the baritone from Malaga Carlos Álvarez and a cocktail in which typical products of Malaga and Spanish gastronomy will be served.

Francisco de la Torre as he signs the book for the German pavilion at Expo Dubai.

Participants received promotional items for the bid made with environmentally friendly materials (a bag, a wireless charger for mobile devices, a wild flower seed, a set of bamboo cutlery and a USB key which includes city and bid information), as well as with Bottles of Sabor oil in Málaga provided by the Provincial Council.

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