Rescue two men trapped in a burning ferry in Greece

  • Two boats with water cannons work on the extinguishing tasks which prove difficult as explosions are constantly heard

Eleven people are missing and two are still stranded after the fire that occurred early Friday on a ferry which sailed from the Greek port of Igumenitsa to the Italian port of Brindisi. So far, three people have been treated.

So far they have been identified 276 people, out of the 290 who were on the passenger and crew list, local media reported citing Merchant Marine Ministry sources. Added to this is that two people are still stuck in a ferry garage (a Turk and a Bulgarian), and it was also detected that there was a migrant traveling as a stowaway, bringing the total number of people on board at 291.

At this time, there is no information on whether the missing persons can be found inside the ship, as two ships with water cannons They are still working on extinction. In addition, a rescue with the special forces from the air will be attempted, specifies public television ERT.

The Coast Guard also swept the area around the boat with boats and helicopters looking for people who might be in the water, but they found no one.

The missing are eight Bulgarians, two Greeks and one Lithuanianalthough it is not certain whether they are all passengers or whether there are also crew members, according to data collected after checking the passenger list.

In the ship’s garages, there were 25 cars and 153 trucks, with loaded tanks, which may explain the many explosions heard throughout the morning.

unknown reasons

The fire was declared by reasons still unknown on the third deck of the ferry around 04:15 (02:15 GMT), three hours after leaving Igoumenitsa. As soon as it exploded, the captain put out an emergency call asking for help from all vessels in the area and the Coast Guard.

At the same time he asked all passengers boarding the lifeboats in order to be transferred to nearby ships and boats which quickly came to the rescue.

At around half past ten in the morning, 278 rescued people disembarked in the port of Corfu, where they were treated by medical teams. Ten people have been taken to hospital in Corfu after being rescued, most suffering from respiratory problems, while the others rescued are believed to be in good condition.

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The Secretary General of the Ministry of Health, Yanis Kotsiopulos, told Greek public television that The state of health of those hospitalized “is not worrying”.

The damaged ferry, from the Italian group Grimaldi Lines, was built in 1995, is 183 meters long, 28.7 meters wide and has a capacity of up to 560 passengers. not detected no oil spill at seanor does the vessel’s stability appear to be at stake, the company said in a statement.

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