That’s what Ricardo López Si’s “The Romantic Journey” is about.

  • “The romantic trip” is a proposal to investigate even more during a trip.
  • López Si was inspired by his love of literature and a passion for discovering other places.
  • Napoleon and other historical figures are in the text.
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Visiting another state or country changes us for life, but how do we see things? “The Romantic Journey”, the new book by Ricardo López Si, invites us to reflect on this.

The book, published by Editorial UOC, in its Livingstone Notebooks collection, stems from the author’s curiosity for reading and travel.

“The main motivation comes from the fact that I am trained as a parallel reader and traveler. From there, I can no longer conceive of travel without the stimulation of reading. It’s not just literature, but history and such. It is already difficult for me to dissociate my facet as a traveler from this part of understanding why cities are the way they are, who was there before, the historical aspects that defined their nature as such”, he confides in a interview.

López Si, whose background is in journalism, “weaves” 25 stories to show us a landscape from different parts of the world.

Rebuild cities in text

To make “The Romantic Journey”, Ricardo López Si based himself on various texts that he consulted over time.

“For what I was interested in capturing as a writer, a book called ‘El Danubio’, by Claudio Magris, was very useful to me (…). It’s a bit the intention to do chronicles with a more historical-cultural style than a trip (…)”, he underlines.

The author specifies that each site mentioned in his work has a kind of bibliography in particular.

“The part of Scotland has writers like Walter Scott or Robert Burns, fundamental in the beginnings of the nation. Each city speaks with different writers and all the chapters have a very particular bibliography and mythology”, he specifies.

In addition to writers and books, historical figures such as Napoleon appear in stories. López If you say why.

“I came to Napoleon through literature, from Stendhal occasionally. Then I consulted a book that “blew me away”, by Javier Sierra, which talks about Napoleon’s expedition to Egypt, where he spent a solitary night in the belly of the pyramid of Cheops, the largest in Giza. . It’s important because he thought it was the path to immortality, a mystical ritual he believed in. This is relevant because he learned it from Julius Caesar, and he from Alexander the Great (…). (I) wanted to perpetuate this legend”, he says.

Another objective, says López Sil, is to demolish myths and make known the traditions of other localities.

“It contrasts what we thought the world was and what it can really be,” he says.

“The romantic journey” to the look

Although the title of “The Romantic Journey” sounds very close to the feeling we have towards our family, our partner and more, Ricardo López clarifies that it really refers to the way we see things when we go to places. other cities or countries.

“’Romantic Journey’ does not as such refer to romantic love as we usually conceptualize it, but it is a romantic look at the terrain. More than a book or a manifesto on physical displacement, it is about knowing what to look like when you travel”, he underlines.

For him, it is important that people who read his text “hone” their way of observing.

“This book tries not to be too dogmatic in the sense of how to travel, where and what to see. What interests me a lot is to raise awareness of this gaze, to cultivate it, to train it. In my case, reading is impossible to separate from travel. It costs me dearly the trip where you expect surprises; I like to keep a roadmap. Obviously you will have them in the field, because it makes no sense to make such schematic routes, but I am interested in arriving with weapons to survive in the field, to talk with the cities”, says- he.

It is, in a word, to be moved and to remain amazed in other places.

“That’s another motivation. I felt discouraged because people go there and think they’ve seen it all. He goes to Budapest and thinks he’s seen it all. In the very contemplation of a river, a sunset, a sculpture or a painting, there are new stories. That’s where the book goes,” he said.

Although this work focuses on places outside of Mexico, the author does not rule out making a book about our country.

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