The divorce for more than 600 million US dollars that the princess who fled Dubai for fear of the emir will receive

  • Frank Gardner
  • BBC Security Correspondent

image sources, Reuters


Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum and his ex-wife Princess Haya Bint Al-Hussain.

It is considered the biggest divorce in British legal history: a settlement worth more than £500 million ($663 million) involving the billionaire Emir of Dubai and his ex-wife.

UK Supreme Court awards Princess Haya Bint Al-Hussain a lump sum payment totaling £251.5 million (over US$300 million).

Haya is the youngest of the Sheikh’s six wives Mohammad Bin Rashid Al-Maktoumthe powerful ruler of Dubai, Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and influential horse racing owner.

The 47-year-old princess is the daughter of the late King Hussein I of Jordan and the half-sister of the current King Abdullah II.

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