The Italian airline ITA Airways obtains authorization for the Rome – Buenos Aires route

The Italian flag bearer ITA Airways has been formally authorized by ANAC to operate scheduled international passenger and cargo air transport services on the route Rome, Italy) – Buenos Aires, Argentina).

Specifically, the authorization covers flights to and from Ministro Pistarini International Airport in Ezeiza (EZE).

In Resolution 51/2022, it is determined that ITA Airways must submit the tariffs to be applied for ANAC’s assessment and some other formal requirements.

It also determines that the company must refrain from marketing and/or promoting the air transport services granted by this Resolution, both by itself and through third parties, until the corresponding timetable is approved.

Recall that Aerolineas Argentinas maintains its operation with Rome suspended.

On its website, ITA Airways indicates that it plans begin flights between Rome and Buenos Aires in June/2022.

ITA Airways, formerly ITALIA TRASPORTO AEREO SPA, is the successor to the historic Alitaliaan airline that caused a stir in these lands due to the cessation of operations, tickets issued and refunds.

We transcribe the device of the aforementioned rule:



ARTICLE 1.- The Italian flag company ITALIA TRASPORTO AEREO SPA is authorized to operate regular international air transport services for passengers and goods on the ROME (ITALIAN REPUBLIC) – BUENOS AIRES (INTERNATIONAL MINISTRO PISTARINI AIRPORT in the City of EZEIZA, Province of BUENOS AIRES – ARGENTINE REPUBLIC) and return.

ARTICLE 2.- The Company shall operate its services in accordance with the authorizations, designations and allocations of frequencies made by the Government of its country and strictly subject to what is agreed in the bilateral framework applicable to Air Transport, as well as to the laws and other national and international regulations in force and the conditions of reciprocity of treatment by the authorities of the ITALIAN REPUBLIC with companies under the flag of the ARGENTINE REPUBLIC that request similar services

ARTICLE 3.- Before the start of operations, the Company must submit for examination by the NATIONAL CIVIL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION the tariffs to be applied, the legal insurance, the logbooks and the claims for their authorization, the same procedure corresponding to any incorporation, substitution or modification of the commercial capacity of its aircraft, as well as its insurance, tariffs, change of address.

ARTICLE 4.- The Company must present the operational documentation of the aircraft to be used in the provision of the authorized services.

ARTICLE 5.- The Company must submit for statistical purposes, the information established in Provision No. 39 of July 6, 1989 of the former DIRECTION NATIONALE DU TRANSPORT AÉRIEN COMMERCIAL of the former SECRETARIAT FOR TRANSPORT AND PUBLIC WORKS of the former MINISTRY OF PUBLIC WORKS AND SERVICES, and in Resolution No. 418 of November 3, 1994 of the former MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT of the former MINISTRY OF ECONOMY AND PUBLIC WORKS AND SERVICES.

ARTICLE 6.- The Company must refrain from marketing and/or promoting the air transport services granted by this Resolution, both by itself and through third parties, until the corresponding timetable has been approved. .

ARTICLE 7°.- The Company must inform the Department of Surveillance and Development dependent on the Department for the Operation of Aero-Commercial Services of the NATIONAL DIRECTION OF AIR TRANSPORT of this NATIONAL CIVIL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION, of or e-mails authorized for the purpose of processing complaints from air transport users, as part of the online system for managing and monitoring air transport passenger complaints, approved by Resolution 507-E of July 19, 2017 of the NATIONAL CIVIL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION.

ARTICLE 8.- The Company must comply with the provisions of Resolution No. 180-E of March 13, 2019 of the NATIONAL CIVIL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION, and with all other regulations or regulations in force in the matter.


ARTICLE 10°.- Communicate, submit to NATIONAL ADDRESS OF THE OFFICIAL REGISTER for its publication in the OFFICIAL JOURNAL and completed file.

Paula Tamburelli

and. 02/17/2022 no. 7790/22 c. 02/17/2022

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