The Poopó group steals the show at Expo Dubai

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its Vice Ministry of Foreign Trade have been participating in Expo Dubai 2020 since October 2021, and this week the intergalactic intercontinental group Poopó de Oruro was present in the halls of this event, stealing the show with dancers who danced the diablada

The curator of the Bolivian pavilion at the Expo, Raquel Orozco Tapia, said that “the show has generated a lot of interest among the organizers of Expo Dubai, whoue has 192 participating countries and where the Plurinational State of Bolivia has a 400-meter pavilion in which it shows the wealth and cultural products of the country.

“Colleagues from Saudi Arabia offered their stage, happy to have artists from another continent, and the Expo authorities authorized the group’s parade, which is not easy. It’s a great opportunity to show the world the beauty of our music and dance, the diablada and others, which are a legacy,” Orozco pointed out.

During the event, the Poopó Band paid tribute to the Day of the Sea by performing the Naval March and involving the public present. The Oruro group made several presentations, accompanied by a group of dancers. Its first performance was on March 23 at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Pavilion.

“I feel privileged to be part of this historic event. I think that since I amLiving here, it’s the only time I’ve seen a Bolivian folk group and a band performing all these songs,” said Roberto Deheza, a Cochabamba national who has lived in the United Arab Emirates for 16 years.

“Happy to feel a little piece of the homeland near us and it’s really exciting especially in a country where we are so far from our land,” he said.

For half an hour, the musicians and dancers delighted the thousands of visitors to the exhibition and to a large and enthusiastic group of Bolivians residing in the United Arab Emirates.

Morenadas, caporales, cuecas and the famous Bolivian diablada were performed. Later, the group performed the national anthem and the cueca “Viva mi patria Bolivia” in the flag area of ​​the Expo with many Bolivian men and women who were moved.

Poopó director Abel González said they were proud and happy to feelambassadors of Bolivian culture “on the other side of the world” and thanked the work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Bolivian pavilion.

“Bolivians should be proud of our culture and of the representatives of the country we are going to. It is an honor to be in such a rich country that shows the wealth of Bolivia” –

In the next few days, the Poopó Band will be doing a presentation tour at Expo Dubai, iIncluding a parade through the aisles of this international event.

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