The tallest arch in the world is in Mexico. so that you can visit it

In Mexico there are many places that make you an explorer in the style of the movie “Up”. Hard-to-reach natural wonders that few (and in good physical condition) venture to reach.

No noise is heard other than that of birds, monkeys or vegetation swaying in the wind. The landscape seems to tell you a story that dates back thousands of years.

Photo: Tomas Torres Guzman

April 22 has been designated as International Mother Earth Day by the United Nations to “promote harmony with nature”. To live this feeling and become aware of the conservation of our natural treasure, we will tell you about a place where Chiapas which is irreplaceable: bow of timeTraining tallest in the world in your genre.

What is the Arc of Time?

Through a process that took some 87,000 years, the course of river sale formed a canyon with vertical walls and peculiar limestone rock formations. This canyon is a gigantic crack that winds through the jungle for 84 kilometers. In some sections it is so wide that you can lose its dimension for a moment and in others the walls are only 10 meters apart.

In the La Venta River Canyon the was formed bow of time which, with 158 meters, is the the highest natural arch on the planet. It’s the gigantic threshold to a tunnel through which passes the peaceful river with turquoise tones when it’s not the rainy season.

To give you an idea of ​​its size: it’s about as tall as Torre Latino without an antenna, and Teotihuacan’s Pyramid of the Sun would stand just over twice as tall.

arc_time_chiapas.jpgPhoto: Tomas Torres Guzman

The canyon is located in the Selva El Ocote, a tropical ecosystem that in 2006 was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO. It is an almost virgin natural region, where animals such as tapir, jaguar and ocelot still live.

When you visit the bow of time you enter an area fed by an underground river system with 400 caves; In some of these caves, rock art has been found between five thousand and ten thousand years old.

Photo: Tomas Torres Guzman

How to get to the Arc du Temps?

The nearest town is Tuxtla Gutierrez. To get to Selva El Ocote, you must go to the municipality of Cintalapa, a two-hour drive. From there it is another hour to General Cárdenas, a community where expeditions to the Bow of time.

The first thing you need to know: you need an average physical condition, since you walk about nine kilometers to the arch. “It’s not a ‘Sunday’ visit”, warns Pablo Albores, founding partner of the company Ecoexperiencias which operates the expedition.

arc_time_chiapas_4.jpgPhoto: Tomas Torres Guzman

These nine kilometers – which last between three and six hours – are characterized by uneven terrain: there are steep parts, rocks where you have to walk carefully and muddy and slippery paths. How many times can you explore a virtually untouched site, thick with vegetation and with spectacular sinkholes? This is the reward.

The second thing you need to know: it is essential to travel with a tour operator with certifications such as NOM-09 for adventure tourism and the National Tourism Registry. They know the area well and know how to respond to any eventuality.
The crossing is made from February to May to avoid the rainy season, when the course of the river rises and makes it very dangerous.

arc_time_chiapas_7.jpgPhoto: Tomas Torres Guzman

When you get to bow of time, it’s like “discovering a treasure.” As if you were lost in the middle of nowhere”, describes the founder of Ecoexperiencias. The only thing you can hear is the sound of birds or howler monkeys. And, to make it more exciting, you have to abseil about 25 meters to reach the base of the arch. At that time, a camp is set up to spend a night by the river. At night, the sky is full of stars.

It is possible to swim around the rock formation and inside the so-called Time Tunnel, where the spectacular photos that made it famous on Instagram are taken.

Nearby is the Great Landslide: an area where the canyon widens and the river current splits between gigantic boulders that once fell from the heights.

Another option to get to bow of time is through a five-day expedition by the La Venta River Canyon aboard a raft.

arc_time_chiapas_1.jpgPhoto: Tomas Torres Guzman

Useful data

The Ecoexperiencias company takes you to bow of time. Your hiking expedition lasts three days and two nights. Includes equipment, ground transportation, camping and meals. The base fare is 650 dollars (13 thousand 57 pesos), but you must quote your trip individually.

The five-day, four-night rafting expedition through the canyon costs around $1,490 (21,066 pesos).

Telephone (961) 188 4380.

arc_time_chiapas_5.jpgPhoto: Tomas Torres Guzman

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