The three dream hotels of the Maldives: private bungalows in the open sea at Argentinian prices

Summer is approaching and the fantasies of visiting the Maldives Islands, in the midst of Indian Ocean. However, of course, this paradise It is an extremely exclusive destination andalthough lower prices can be obtained in other destinations, there is nothing that compares to the luxury and comfort of the islands most unique hotels.

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These are the best hotels in the Maldives: “A luxury experience, with the best attention, the best view and the greatest comfort that the tourism industry has to offer”, as advocated by the operators who sell this dream destination.


the Lux* North Mal Atoll It is completely unique among hotels in the Maldivesand anyone who has met it can attest to this: it is the first hotel in the whole country to create a structure that glimpses the architecture of the white stone villas of Greece and Ibiza.

The designer of the complex, isabelle maijawas intended that this hotel had fancy tunes, like something out of a James Bond movie or a Wes Anderson movie, but on the most exclusive beach in the world. The bungalows are totally exclusive and personal, bathrooms are completely modern and made of concrete, with showers and bathtubs that seem to sink into the groundin the best possible way.

In the community bells and whistles you can’t dodge the beautiful deep sapphire blue pool with reddish accents and the best ice creams for a refreshing afternoon splash. Restaurant Barium to have aquariums on the walls which transforms the atmosphere into a scene like no other.

For dinner, the best option is the restaurant Inti, where the best fresh ceviche on the whole island is served and falls in love with the palates of all who try it. Whether with the family, as a couple, on honeymoon or just for a moment, the Lux* is undoubtedly one of the best options.

Address: Olhuhali, North Male Atoll Maldives, 00000, Maldives

Number of bungalows/rooms: 67

Price per night in Booking: from $91,154 to $1,077,191

Travel time from Mal: ​​55 minutes by boat from Mal airport


the hotel chain Raffles It is known worldwide for all of its five-star, highest quality facilities and the luxurious experience that its employees and facilities always provide. But no Raffles compares to the one based in the Maldiveson the edge of the most paradisiacal beaches in the world.

The hotel is not in the main town of Evilbut it involves a slightly longer journey as it is in the area of Kaadedhdhoobut that extra hour of travel is definitely worth it. When they arrive they wait the best sunsets anyone can see, the clearest and deepest waters and the most exclusive attention.

From exclusive courtesy massages while waiting for breakfast, to lunch with the most exquisite catch of the day, fresh like nowhere else, and ending the day in the most exclusive and elegant overwater spa.. All this and more can be found in Raffles Maldives.

Address: Gaafu Alifu Atoll MERADHOO ISLAND, 17100, Maldives

Number of bungalows/rooms: 37

Price per night in Booking: from $96,643 to $419,942

Travel time from Mal: ​​55 minutes flight from Mal to Kaadedhdhoo, and 10 minutes drive from the airport to the hotel


the Gili Lankanfushi Maldives it was one of the first hotels on the islands, and years later continues to be one of the best: Abundantly green, teeming with nature, stylish and durable, it’s no wonder travelers continue to choose it.

As for which bedroom to choose, there are all sorts of options.beach pool villas, two-storey overwater villas, self-contained oversea and seaworthy villas, and the private reserve with its own spa, gym, screening room, and waterslide that takes you straight into the ocean.

All options are immaculate, spectacular, and with architecture that immerses everyone in nature. From thatched roofs to reclaimed teak bed frames, custom hammocks and catamaran nets suspended above the water for relaxing at sunset or sunbathing in the morning..

As for food, there are four options, and within each of them there are plenty of vegan and vegetarian options, although there is something for everyone.. There is even particular experiences such as wine and sake tastings, and theme nights offering dishes from India, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and the Maldives.

Address: Lankanfushi Island, North Mal Atoll Republic of Maldives, Maldives

Number of bungalows/rooms: 45

Price per night in Booking: from $124,578 to $238,276

Travel time from Mal: ​​20 minutes by boat from Mal airport

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