These are the most expensive shoes in the world

The fashion world kneels before these marvelous shoes. Their precious ornaments crown them as the most expensive in the world. Meteorites, gold and diamonds tell their story of luxury.

The shoes are, together with the bags, the most important addition in a matter of style. The most prestigious designers sign creations that fashion lovers dream of. but they exist exclusive luxury dials where the shoe ceases to be an accessory and becomes a piece of collection.

Just like the most expensive sneakers in the world, there are high heel shoes -and a man’s shoe- held by the ‘top 10’ of opulence. Gold and diamonds adorn these models which are authentic treasureswithin reach of a few checking accounts.

Moon Star shoes, 18 million euros

A heel made with Solid 24k gold and silverwith 30 diamonds embarked. There is even more: inside they carry fragments of a meteorite. Italian designer Antonio Vietri broke the mold with these record-breaking jewels presented in United Arab Emirates, during MIDE fashion week (Made in Italy, Designed in Emirates). The design is inspired by the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the tallest building in the world.

The Passion Diamond shoes, 14 million euros

these spectacular high heels were designed by the firm Jada Dubai in collaboration with Passionate jewelers. Handcrafted with exceptional quality leather, gold plated and with the logo also inlaid in gold. Although the most spectacular thing is that they wear 236 diamonds size small and two more 15k to finish each shoe. Although they are not for sale, but are part of a collection which is on display at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, the only seven-star hotel in the world.

Debbie Wingham pumps, 13.5 million euros

the british designer Debbie Wingham She is known for her eccentricities. For example, these heeled sandals with over a thousand diamonds, some of them extraordinarily rare. Its zippers and bottom plate are made of solid gold and each gemstone is set in platinum. In addition, they are made of leather painted with 24 carat gold paint and sewn 18 carat gold thread. They were commissioned by an anonymous wealthy family in Dubai as a birthday present, so their design resembles a cake.

These Debbie Wingham high heels are one of the most expensive shoes in the world (Image: Debbie Wingham).

Harry Winston shoes, 2.7 million euros

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the film “The Wizard of Oz”the jewelry company Harry Winston I created these shoes inspired by the ones sweet Dorothy used to crash on her way home. 50 carats of diamonds and 4,600 carats of ruby They “justify” their price.

Rita Hayworth pumps by Stuart Weitzman, €2.7 million

the designer Stuart Weitzman I created these shoes in honor of Rita Hayworth, making the design around the actress and singer’s earrings that crown a bow. adorned with diamonds, sapphires and rubiescurrently belong to Hayworth’s daughter.

Stuart Weitzman’s Cinderella shoes, $1.8 million

Also designed by Stuart Weitzman and adorned with 565 diamonds set in platinum from the jewelry house kwiat. Moreover, they cherish one of the most exclusive diamonds in the world, the amaretto. They were inspired by Cinderella herself and singer Alison Krauss wore them to the Oscars in 2004.

Tanzanite pumps by Stuart Weitzman, €1.8 million

Repeat North American designer with this collaboration with the jeweler Eddie Levin. They take their name from 185 carat tanzanite gems which they carry in their braces, as well as 28 carat diamonds.

Tom Ford diamond shoes, 1.7 million euros

The first men’s shoes on the list are these “slipper” loafers from the firm Tom Ford covered by 14,000 diamonds bathed in a layer of white gold. Custom-made by Jason Arasheben, the favored feet that wore them were the rapper’s Nick Cannonwho wore them to present the final of the America’s Got Talent contest.

Ruby pumps by Stuart Weitzman, 1.4 million euros

Inspired again by the “Wizard of Oz”these fiery red satin heeled sandals are studded with 642 Burmese rubies and a pound of platinum on their straps. They were first displayed at Harrods in London, but were later sold to a lucky anonymous bidder.

Platinum Guild pumps by Stuart Weitzman, €990,000

Almost a million euros for tenth place. On this occasion the actress wore them Laura Harring at the 2010 Oscars. They wear 464 Kwiat diamonds teardrop shaped.

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