They went to live in Italy, discovered that the bidet was not used there, and found an unusual replacement

If we talk about innovative inventions, The bidet It’s one of them. Its use is believed to have originated and become popular in France in the 17th century. In principle, it was used to clean the private parts before and after intercourse, and it was always located inside the chambers. Currently, in Argentina it is part of the bathroom faucet of most homes. However, there are countries where its use is rare and it confuses travelers who have internalized it so much. This was the case for Agostina Gil Farina and Leandro ChavarriaWhat arrived in Italy and discovered that it was not used there. Given this, they began to investigate and they found a particular invention to replace it.

“Do you plan to emigrate or travel to the United States, Europe or any country in Oceania? Are you worried about not meeting your best friend at your destination? Say goodbye to all those ghosts that haunt you: The portable bidet has arrived. Press and that’s it,” begs a voice in disabled in a hilarious video, which emulates the classic telesales program Call now!and which was published on their social networks.

The unusual bidet replacement in Italy

With these words, the couple influencers highlighted the non-existence of the bidet in some European countries and had a particular element of hygiene which is never missing in your suitcase when traveling to a destination that does not have this device. It is a portable product performing the same cleaning function and consists of a submersible sprinkler, an air valve and an expandable hose which ends in a spray nozzle where it expels water. It has been available on internet e-commerce platforms for about $2500. Most important? It is made with eco-friendly material.

Leandro and Agostine They showed off the simple artifact through their Instagram account @dosartistasviajeros, where they display some gems of their life since arriving abroad. Although they did it with humor and ingenuity, none of them imagined the reactions that the clip would provoke in other individuals who, like them, they think the bidet is an essential item in their daily life. “Where can I get it? I’m in Australia”, “I have it, it was the key to my life”“Ideal for going camping,” were some of the comments left by their followers in the post shared on February 22.

The viralization of their video took them by surprise and since then they started sharing endless content that serve as advice or assistance to Argentines who emigrate. In dialogue with THE NATIONLeandro highlighted how the subject of the portable bidet arose and confided that before leaving the country, the absence of this device was one of the main concerns they had. “When we left Argentina, we thought that in Italy there was no bidet, and for a influencer Argentina, we saw that it could be bought. One day Agos surprised me with the portable bidet at home and said, ‘Look what I have for when we go abroad’”he explained.

The particular device has ended up being their “savior” and a staple whenever they stay in places where they don’t have a bidet. “The reality is that in Italy there are, but it is not the same. I mean a jet of water doesn’t come from below like in Argentina, but the function is the same,” he revealed.

For the couple, it is an essential element in their daily life and they cannot design a home without this noble device. “We assume he is in the bathroom. When it doesn’t exist it’s a problem, that’s why we also buy the artifact“, he claimed.

On the side of humor, the couple showed their solution to the lack of bidets in ItalyCapture

Regarding the original idea with which they made known this innovative product, Leandro maintained that they did it to explain topics that perhaps others influencers they don’t emphasize. “We are artists, singers and actors. What we want to do is show our experience living abroadOur way,” he said. And he clarified: “There are many people who talk about how to obtain Italian citizenship, how to live in Spain with so much money… There are networks dedicated to this. From home we want to show how we live the experience and we had the fun idea of ​​making a clink with the portable bidet”account.

Finally, Chavarría spoke about the reasons why he decided to move to another country and reflected on the change that this decision entails: “We came from Argentina because we wanted to broaden our artistic horizons, to grow and to live new experiences beyond the situation of the country. It is always associated with this problem and in our case we go out because we want to know new things and tell our experiences of the way we know how to do it, travel, act and do something for people to have fun while visiting places that people want to know”.

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