This ephemeral restaurant bets on Japanese cuisine

  • George Konstantinou, a Greek entrepreneur and taco lover, came to Mexico to open a Japanese-Peruvian restaurant.
  • Poema is the high-end concept of Grupo Fisher’s, a pop-up restaurant, located in a historic area of ​​the Condesa district, in CDMX.
  • The restaurant will be open until May 15 in La Condesa and later it will have a permanent establishment in Los Cabos.
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George Konstantinou, a Greek entrepreneur and taco lover, came to Mexico to open a Peruvian-Japanese restaurant with a Mexican twist, hand in hand with catering company Grupo Fisher’s.

The businessman never imagined visiting Mexico, much less adopting the country as a second home; He came for two weeks and has now been living in Mexico City for months, with his wife and opera singer, Inés Konstantinou, whom he met when he opened his first restaurant with this concept, on the Greek island of Mykonos.

“In 2019 I came to Mexico and found Grupo Fisher’s. I said “I’m going to stay for two weeks”, but on the third day I said: “You know what, I think this is my new country”. I’m 100% sure,'” George said in an interview.

Poema is Grupo Fisher’s upscale concept, a pop-up restaurant, located in a historic area of ​​Condesa, Mexico City (CDMX). The venue opened on March 3.

The idea for Poema was born from a trip to Greece made in 2019 by Manolo Ablanedo, Communications, Marketing and Alliances Director of Grupo Fisher’s, and Charles Hamparzumian, President of the same group. There they met the creator and current director of Poema, George.

“During this trip to Greece, we had the opportunity to eat at George’s restaurant and we loved the concept; so we contacted him and since then we have been working on this project which, due to the pandemic, was delayed, but we finally did it,” Ablanedo explained in a press release.

Poema fuses Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, with a Mexican twist

This pop-up fuses recipes from Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, with a Mexican touch, and will be open in the Condesa neighborhood until May 15, and later it will arrive in the Polanco neighborhood, also in the Mexican capital, and finally it will be permanently established in Los Capes.

The average ticket at Poema varies between 1,800 and 2,000 pesos, without alcohol. Among its main dishes are nigiri foie gras, chicken causa, ceviches, Chilean sea bass, eel nigiri and Black Angus meat.

“Now, in Mexico, the concept has become even more innovative in preparations by including traditional elements such as manzano, ancho, jalapeño peppers and, of course, corn; they all adapt perfectly to the different dishes in the restaurant,” says Konstantinou.

Diners can taste the fusion of flavors, with dishes from a Greek chef | Courtesy.

Peruvian-Japanese cuisine is served accompanied by drinks from a Greek mixologist

Additionally, Poema features drinks by mixologist Enriko Nektarios, a native of Athens and winner of the Cocktail in the Mediterranean award.

“For me, being a mixologist goes beyond making a drink and showing off behind a bar. It’s about being a good host, pleasing your customer and making them feel at home,” Enriko said.

Enriko poem Japanese Peruvian cuisine restaurant |  Business Insider Mexico
Mixologist Enriko Nektarios is from Athens | Courtesy.

Poema only accepts its guests by reservation

To go to Poema for an evening with Peruvian-Japanese food, it is necessary to make a reservation through a concierge via WhatsApp.

“Our differentiator is that we have no competition, we are the first restaurant in Mexico City with Peruvian-Japanese cuisine prepared by a Greek chef,” said Ablanedo.

Creating the Poema pop-up concept required an investment of nearly $800,000, from March 3 to May 15, Konstantinou explained.

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