Travel tips and apps to make it easier for you

Skyscanner allows over 50 different search filters.

Its biggest advantage is that it allows you to filter by stopovers, price, duration of trip, most recommended flight and, like Google Trips, they also allowed to send alerts when the price of the flight changes.

The platform will give you the option to purchase the ticket through other third party pages such as Rumbo, eDreams, or GoToGo Gate. However, we suggest that you find the flight that suits you best on this platform but make the purchase directly from the airlines page. Indeed, if you wish to make changes or modifications to your reservation, it is much more accessible and easy to do so directly with the airline.

Once you’ve purchased your plane ticket, see if the airline has an app. This can be extremely useful as it becomes a communication channel with the airline. You can find out about the specific requirements they ask to be able to board, manage or change your flight from there, track it, receive notifications in case of changes and even check in from there.

This can be very convenient as several airline apps allow you to download your flight ticket once you have checked in from the app, saving you a lot of time in queues at the airport. . In several airlines there are special lines for people who have already checked in and only have to leave their suitcase and these are usually much shorter lines.

On the other hand, if you have not been able to check in from the application, as soon as you arrive at the airport, ask if there are no special terminals to check in from there. Many airlines usually have this option.

Last tip, if you are going to use a transport application like Uber or Didi to get to the airport, there is the possibility of leaving a scheduled route. This is so that you don’t have to deal with the difficulty of finding a unit when you need to leave.

This, yes! Be very careful when buying your plane ticket and choose the airport closest to your destination, whether AICM or AIFA, and consider the expenses to be able to arrive by public transport or by private vehicle.

Find the ideal stay

If hotels are your thing, reservation is one of the suggestions to search for the ideal hotel due to the number of filters it offers. Once you have entered your destination and its dates, you can filter by budget, star rating, special needs, cancellation policy, accommodation types or number of beds are just some of the many options.

It is important to take into account that the cancellation policies vary in each establishment, but an advantage is that this platform tells you what they are. However, to make the reservation, they always ask for your credit card information and depending on the policies of each establishment, they may or may not take a hold.

How to find the ideal hotel?
Booking has more than 30 filters to help you find the ideal hotel according to your needs.

It is important to mention that many hotels sometimes do not have visible availability on this platform or prices may vary. If you found a hotel you liked, we suggest you search the hotel directly to compare prices and availability. Indeed, on some occasions, the reservation will indicate that there are no rooms available when in fact there are, or it will show higher prices.

But if no hotel convinces you, airbnb It is another platform that offers accommodation such as houses, apartments, cabins or even rooms in hostels and hotels.

Their search filters are just as good as Booking, although the experience is completely different as these are private properties that are rented out and each will have different requirements and conditions.

One of the great things about Airbnb is that it not only offers homes, but also experiences. These are made by locals and vary according to your tastes. It’s a great option to plan your trip because you can find unique experiences: going to a bar with a local or taking a workshop at exclusive tours.

How to live with the locals when you travel?
How to live with the locals when you travel? AirBnB Experiences offers many options.

Arrival at destination

At this point, you’ve probably already made a lot of reservations and information that you need to have clear and at your fingertips. For this we offer applications like TripIt which allow you to have everything in one application. You just need to email the confirmations to the app and it automatically groups and organizes all the information so you don’t waste a second looking for that booking confirmation.

trippy is another app (only available for iOS) that will also offer you lots of location information such as places to see, activities, how to get around and even tours and shows.

And if food tourism is your thing, or if you don’t know where to eat, open table it is a great app. Its advanced filters will allow you to find the ideal restaurant according to your desires, your budget, your location, your number of stars and even your recommendations. In addition, in the same application you can make your reservations and save a lot of time in queues or looking for a place to eat.

Other travel tips

  1. Find a SIM card: being in a foreign country without internet access can be a big challenge. Many airports offer special packages for travelers where you can buy a SIM card with data without having to subscribe to a package. Sometimes these same cards can even be found inside vending machines.
  2. Download the map: Google Maps allows you to download the map so that you can consult it without the need for internet. If you find yourself lost or lost, it’s very useful because you can access the app and get an idea of ​​where to go.
  3. Download translation apps: If you don’t speak the language of the destination country, you can download apps like iTranslate Voice Is Yandex translate .

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