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it happens Holy Week and the hot weather; At this time, hundreds of people seek to get away from routine and choose to go to beach because some will have days off. For the majority Chihuahuaswhen they think of the beach, they think of MazatlanWell it’s youone of the closest beaches in the state.

Mazatlan is in the state of Sinaloathe place is well known and one of the favorite destinations for Chihuahuas to Beautiful beachesits warm people and its gastronomy. The site is also famous for being a fishing municipalityso in this place you can taste the most delicious Seafood and spend an unforgettable vacation eating delicious, listening good music and visit beautiful places, but…

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How do I drive from Chihuahua to Mazatlan and how much do cabins cost?

The distance Come in Capital of Chihuahua and Mazatlan by car is approx. 930kmby traveling this distance, you could take between 10 and 11 a.m. depending on the traffic, the stops you make and the speed at which you are driving.

Once in the capital of Chihuahua, you must To travel until South of town and take the access road to Parral, continue for about 160 km; then join the perimeter ring Luis Donaldo Colosio and head towards the Highway Mexico 45 towards Durangoon this road you will travel about 399 km, once there use the right lane so you can take the access road on the highway to Mazatlan over 450 meters.

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When you are on the highway to Mazatlan, follow the signs to Mazatlan – México 40D, take the México 15D exit towards Mazatlán- Culiacán for 900 meters, then join the Mazatlán/Tepic – Mazatlán/ México 15D ring road and drive for 23 km, to finally arrive at your destination, take the Mazatlán Zona Centro exit for 210 meters and once there, you can go to the beach, your hotel or whatever your final destination is.

On your way inside the highway Durango to Mazatlan would you pass by five cabins which are: Durango Bypass Booth 69 pesos, Llano Grande Booth 103 pesos, Coscomate Booth 325 pesos, Mesillas Booth 171 pesos, Mazatlan Bypass 49 pesos, you would spend about 717 pesos traveling from the capital city of Chihuahua to central Mazatlan.

What to do in Mazatlan?

Mazatlan It is undoubtedly a beautiful place, here you can do hundreds of activities and sightseeing at any time of the day, in addition to the fact that its food (especially its seafood) is delicious. Get to know the Malecón of Mazatlán, the place is known to be one of the longest in the world, you can also enjoy the beautiful view of the sea and the delicious typical dishes of the region.

It is likely that during your journey you will cross the bastioned bridge which connects the highways of Durango and Mazatlán; this bridge is considered a major civil engineering work. The bridge has a height of more than 400 meters and the view from the place is simply impressive, the site has become a place of interest for tourists.

The Pearl of the Pacific, as Mazatlan is called, has a lot to offer its visitors, we will tell you about some of the must-see places in the place; For example, if you are a fan of extreme activitiesyou can visit North Beach, Gaviotas Beach and Venados Beachon these sites you can practice surfing and diving.

To visit The plunger; This place is emblematic of Mazatlan, you cannot leave without visiting it. This site is characterized by the fact that several divers throw themselves from the highest point (a little more 14 meters high) and collect hundreds of viewers. It is a very beautiful and ancient tradition which is even more beautiful if you watch it at sunset.

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In the tourist area there is an area called the three islandsthese islands are: Isla de Lobos, Isla Pajaros and Isla Venados. The place is considered a nature reserve. If you are looking for a moment of tranquility, you can take a tour between the islands and observe the different species that inhabit the place; in the same way in deer island you can do kayaking and sailingas it is an ideal place to carry out these activities.

Also visit the Mazatlan Aquariumhave fun admiring the immensity and aquatic species diversity who live in the region. This place is made for all ages, we assure you that you will be amazed by all the animals you will see inside, from sharks, manta rays, sea lions, colorful fishamong others.

meet the downtown mazatlanwhere you can find a wide gastronomic offer, as well as various handicrafts for sale; In addition, the sites are magnificent, visit the cathedralits beautiful streets, enjoy the architectural treasures from the city and let its streets trap you in a quaint colonial era. Visit the Plazuela Machado, built in 1837, it is one of the carnival locations and also, year after year, a gastronomic sample is presented in the square with the best restaurants in the area.

Your visit to Mazatlán is not complete if you do not know its excellent night life. You can enjoy clubs, bars, places where you can listen to live music, in short, there are places for all tastes. Nightlife in Mazatlan starts around 9 p.m. and ends at 4 a.m. although you can continue the party until the time you want.

Finally, we can tell you that Mazatlan has an infinity of activities to do and places to visit, however one of the emblematic events of the place and to which you must go at least once in your life is at its carnivalbecause the place is filled with music, colors, joy and tours are carried out in allegorical cars, It is undoubtedly a unmissable event.

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