What did the Greeks invent? | 2022

The influence of ancient Greece on Western culture is undeniable. In this sense, the Greeks have made great contributions to knowledge since their origin in the year 1200 BC. In fact, even in the 21st century we have everyday objects that have their origin in Greek civilization . So we wonder, what did the Greeks invent?

To answer this question, let’s look at some of the most notable contributions of the Greeks.

What did the Greeks invent? Democracy

Although Greek democracy was much more restrictive than today’s liberal democracies, its origins lie in ancient Athens.

Already in the year 510 a. C. the Athenians had a democratic government. In fact, many other Greek city-states would view democracy as a system of political organization.

What did the Greeks invent? Medication

The Greek Hippocrates of Cos is considered the father of medical science.

Based on observations and experiments, he discovered that the disease was a natural phenomenon in human beings. Additionally, Hippocrates owes a code of ethics known in medicine as the Hippocratic Oath that endures among medical professionals today.

What did the Greeks invent? The origin of philosophy

Undoubtedly, the root of human thought is found in ancient Greece, Thales of Miletus being considered its father.

In a rational way, the Greek philosophers tried to explain reality and its environment. The ancient Greek philosophers were not only masters of thought, but also mastered various fields of knowledge.

Thus, in Greece, we find distinguished names in the world of philosophy such as Plato, Aristotle and Socrates.

What did the Greeks invent? Geometry

Although previous civilizations such as Babylon or Egypt already used geometry when constructing and erecting large buildings, the Greeks took it a step further.

Again, we mention Thales of Miletus in this list of famous names, to which would be added important mathematicians like Archimedes, Pythagoras or Euripides. Such has been its importance that the rules of these great mathematicians are taught in schools today.

What did the Greeks invent? Olympic Games

Today, the Olympic Games are considered the greatest sporting event in the world, enjoying great prestige and spectacular coverage in the media.

Well, in honor of the gods of Olympus, around the year 776, the Greeks held the first Olympic Games. Thus, at four-year intervals, they would continue to hold successive Olympic Games.

What did the Greeks invent? cartography

The study of maps is essential not only to orient oneself, but to know the world around us.

This is where Anaximander appears, one of the pioneers in the field of cartography. His map helped locate places such as Ionia, the Pillars of Hercules, Ethiopia, the Nile and the Caspian Sea.

What did the Greeks invent? The alarm

The annoying noise of the alarm clock reminds us that we have to deal with a work routine.

Precisely the Greeks are after this unpleasant invention. Thus, the Greeks used a mechanism in which pebbles or water fell on drums which caused noise.

What did the Greeks invent? Shower

Personal hygiene is an essential part of daily life.

Although the shower we have dates back to a design that dates back to the 19th century, the Greeks managed to imagine a network of pipes and taps that conducted the water until it fell on your head. Now keep in mind that the Greeks only had cold showers.

What did the Greeks invent? odometer

Today, it is essential to measure the distances traveled by bicycles and cars. To do this, we use digital devices. But the genesis of the odometer can be found once again in Greece.

Everything seems to indicate that its discoverer was Archimedes of Syracuse in the 1st century BC. C. The device invented by the Greeks indicated a distance of one Roman mile after the four wheels of a chariot had turned up to four hundred times.

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