12 Step-by-step tips for planning your trip to New York

Are you planning to go to New York soon? In this post I will give you all the useful information what you need to know to plan a trip to new york and make your dream come true.

You can go to NY alone, as a couple or with your family, this great city is suitable for all types of travelers and organizing it is not complicated at all, but it is necessary to take into account some things that are quite important so that everything goes perfectly.

And how can I know them all? Well, not only because I have traveled to New York several times, but also because I have worked for many years as a travel agent and have a lot of experience not only in organization of trips, but also in knowing what you expect from your dream trip.

So shall we get to work? Here you have the 12 steps that I recommend you follow to organize your trip to NY easily and without complication.

In this post you will find:

When is the best time to travel to New York?

This question does not have a single answer, because it depends on what suits you best: good weather? unique moments? low prices? Daytime hours?

Decide When is the best time to travel to New York? I recommend that you read the following articles and find out what is good in each season:

Start by buying flights to New York

As it is said, you don’t have to start the house from the roof. This is why, when planning a trip to New York The first thing is to find and book plane tickets.

My best advice, so as not to have to postpone your trip, is watch flights as soon as possible. Although later they say that there are last minute offers, the truth is that it is something that I have never found, on the other hand, by booking well in advance, I have found authentic offers like some direct flights for 170 euros (BCN-NYC-BCN)

✔ For find cheap flights I always use the Skyscanner website.

✔ There are many other things to keep in mind when buying plane tickets to New York, click on the link and read directly the post where I talk about this subject.

Don’t travel without buying travel insurance in New York

When traveling to any part of the world, it is highly recommended travel with travel insurance. I never travel without. Yes, it’s an extra expense to add to the budget, but it’s better to travel safely because you never know what can happen to you.

If travel insurance is needed anywhere in the world, taking out travel insurance for the United States is essential. Health care is very expensive, a simple appendicitis can cost you $60,000… would you rather spend what the insurance costs or go bankrupt with an accident or the unexpected?

✔ I always travel with Travel + Cancellation Insurance contracted via Mondo.

✔ To find out everything you need to consider when buying travel insurance, what it includes and what it doesn’t and the importance of adding cancellation insurance, I recommend reading my article on travel insurance in New York.

Why shouldn’t you travel to New York without travel insurance?

It is essential to have travel insurance because healthcare in the United States is very expensive and if something happens to you, you better have good coverage medical. Additionally, it also covers many other things that can happen before or during the trip, including COVID19 COVERAGE.

For more serenity, it is better include cancellation insurance in your font.

hire him travel insurance with Mondo through my blog and you will get a 5% discount Additional.

IMPORTANT! Documentation and entry visa

It is essential to have a valid passport for travel to New York, check that you have it and that it is valid for travel before anything else.

When preparing for a trip to New York, it is very important to remember process US entry visa in advance, if not at the airport of origin, they will send you to a house.

✔ In the post Fill out the ESTA entry visa + other visas to travel to New York you will find all the information.

Find accommodation in New York

The next step to organize your trip to New York will surely be the one that gives you the most trouble.

Housing in NY is very expensive and although you search over time you can find an offer, keep in mind that a big part of your budget it will go to the hotel or apartment you choose…. And that you will only go to sleep!

✔ If you are considering staying in an apartment, a very comfortable and usually cheaper option since you can save on meals, I recommend that you read my experience with airbnb in New York and follow my advice to book your apartment. You can also get 35 eur discount on your booking with Airbnb.

✔ Another option is to follow my recommendations for finding cheap hotels in New York:

✔ If you want to know which are the 5 hotels that I recommend the most, they are:

  1. Hotel Giraffe
  2. Library Hotel New York
  3. Yotel New York
  4. Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York
  5. Hotel Edison Times Square

Plan your trip to New York day by day

Now that you have the essentials, we move on to the next phase to prepare a trip to New York and let it be a success.

You need to start thinking about what is going to visitwhat are the places that you have in mind and that you do not want to miss and discover many others.

Obviously speaking here of all there is to see and do in New York This is impossible, so I recommend below a few things that will be very useful:

✔ Download my FREE New York Guide to start planning your dream trip

✔ Take note of everything there is to do in New York, from the moment you land at the airport until you return home.

✔Read the post 50 Places to See in New York + Downloadable CheckList. Do they seem few to you? I assure you that in a single trip it is impossible to see them all!

Trip to New York

…or leave it in my expert hands in New York

New York is very big and, as you have seen, there is plenty to see and do. I don’t recommend that you leave everything to chance because that way you will leave a lot of things to see and you will also waste a lot of time going from one place to another without a good organization of your daily journeys.

So what should you do? You have 2 options: get down to business and start organizing your day-to-day tours or leave everything in my hands Expert in New York so well that it is I who, after getting to know you a little, made a totally personalized planning according to your preferences and your budget.

Personalized guide to New York

Should I buy a tourist card?

The best thing is to make a list of all the sights and activities you want to see during your trip to New York and compare the different Tourist Cards that exist.

There are many, but the ones I recommend the most are:

✔ New York Sightseeing Pass

✔ New York City Pass

✔ NY Pass

✔New York Explorer Pass

The most recommended tours and excursions

In New York, there is a wide range of tours and excursions. Most places you can explore on your own, some are more remote and maybe not. But in any case, with a guide you can discover much more about history and curiosities.

If you are planning to take a tour or an excursion…

✔ These are the best selling tours and excursions in New York

✔ And these are the different tours and excursions in New York that can make your trip more special

Change dollars and verify your credit card

Although in New York you can pay with your credit card almost everywhere, it is always better to have some cash on hand for tips, purchases at markets, food at street stalls, etc

How to pay in New York?

To pay in cash, I recommend you to easily change Euros to Dollars online here, with a very good exchange rate and an additional discount for doing so from the link.

Although the most used payment method in New York is with credit card. I always travel with a Revolut type card, which I only use when I travel and which gives me full security and guarantees.

Don’t forget the Internet!

Having mobile data during your trip will help you a lot. There are many places where you can connect to free Wi-Fi in New York, but it’s best not to be dependent on where to connect and to be able to use your apps whenever you want.

Currently, most companies don’t include roaming in the US and connecting from there using your data can be very expensive. I tell you that I logged on once to look at an address on a map and the bill came out to be over 70 euros.

Although you can buy a data SIM card in New York, for me it’s much easier to go on a trip with all my homework done and your mobile data ready. That’s why I recommend:

✔ Buy a Holafly Travel SIM card with a 5% discount with my discount code.

✔ Or buy an eSIM card to travel, also at Holafly

eSIM card for traveling to New York

Final preparations for your trip to New York

When you have everything, all you have to do is wait for the big moment! But a little earlier, it’s time to do one of my least favorite tasks when it comes to planning a trip to New York or elsewhere: packing.

✔ To help you organize your luggage and leave nothing behind, I’ve published an article detailing what to pack for a trip to New York, take note!

✔ Surely packing in winter is the most complicated because you have to wrap yourself very warm. Here are some tips on what to wear in winter in New York.

✔ And I also help you organize your backpack for traveling in NYC with the things you will need on a daily basis.

✔ It will also help you to know these practical tips before traveling to New York.

✔ If you like to keep a Travel Diary where you write down everything, I recommend that you include this New York Travel Diary in your luggage.

Travel and enjoy!

And now yes, you just have to arrive and Have a good trip to New York. I assure you that it will be an unforgettable experience!

+ Tourism in New York

Article published in January 2020 and republished in January 2021.

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