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Holy Week It’s just around the corner; the little ones in the house start from this Friday the holidays corresponding to this period of time (some a little later); there are also companies that give their employees days off (maybe you do), and you’re probably considering doing some short trip to enjoy the next vacation.

Although this can often be a little difficult because we associate “travel” with spending a lot of money, when we might not have such a large budget. However, there are a few cheap trips you can organize at Easter a cities and places near Mexico Cityso as not to stay with the desire and go out to distract from all the hustle and bustle of the city.

Here we leave you some recommendations with everything you need to know, so that there are no excuses and you can enjoy the next vacation with a simple, economical and pleasant plan.

Tequisquiapan, Querétaro

Tequisquiapanjust three hours from Mexico City, is one of the most popular magical towns in the state of Querétaro (well, also because there are only six in the state). It is a relatively small town, surrounded by hot springs and close to the Sierra Gorda Queretana.

The town is very picturesque, full of narrow streets, colorful walls, fresh air and bougainvillea flowers that abound all year round. It is also an excellent center for gastronomywhere you can taste typical dishes of the place, such as goat barbecue, consommé, stewed blood, mole, pork carnitas, pork rinds, gorditas and cracked corn toasts, and traditional tortillas of different colors.

We have already told you that this is a great option if you are looking to experience your palate, but you can also visit a temazcal, take a hot air balloon ride, visit the Corridor of the water park (ideal for those hot days) and some tourist attractions, like the Historical Center of the city, the Tequisquiapan Craft Marketthe temple of Santa María de la Asunción or the recreational park of La Pila, to name a few.

Moreover, it is the capital of the National Fair of Cheeses and Wines, which is about to be held (not at Easter, but at the end of May and the beginning of June; attention); And speaking of cheese and wine, there is a museum dedicated to these two products that you can visit.

  • Approximate distance: 187 kilometers
  • Transport fee: There are buses that leave from the Central de Autobuses del Norte in Tequisquiapan, with a price starting from 288 pesos per trip per person (576 pesos round trip).
  • accommodation costs: There is accommodation from 532 pesos in a single room, although the average price is 1,400 pesos per night, so this must be taken into account.
  • Average restaurant check-in: 130 pesos per person.
  • Approximate total cost for two nights and three days: 3,200 pesos (one person; remember that this is not a general rule and that the costs, for example in accommodation, can decrease with more people).

IMSS Atlixco-Metepec Vacation Center, Puebla

On the other hand, if what you are looking for is a place to swim without having to go to the beach, there is this option just three hours from Mexico City, in Atlixco, Puebla: one of Holiday centers managed by the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS).

As the name suggests, this is a vacation resort with lodging, spa, and camping options. In addition, it offers a camping area and bonfires, as well as a spa with a children’s pool and two heated indoor pools, two slides, beach volleyball, basketball and 7-a-side soccer courts. the entrance fee to the spa is 100 pesos per person, 70 pesos for children.

  • Approximate distance: 160 kilometers
  • Transport fee: It will depend on the bus line you are transported with, although all will depart from TAPO, CDMX. There are tickets per trip per person from 85 pesos, although the average is 200 pesos; Also, you will need to take a bus from downtown Puebla to Atlixco, which costs 35 pesos, and another local bus or taxi to get to this resort. In total average it would be 530 pesos round trip.
  • accommodation costs: The center has different costs, ranging from 795 pesos for a double room and 1,185 pesos for a four-person room; There are options for up to 12 people at 3,830 pesos. All these prices are per night.
  • Average restaurant check-in: There is the possibility of bringing your own supplies for the preparation of meals, but if you wish to taste the dishes offered by the site, it is around 150 pesos per person on average.
  • Approximate total cost for two nights and three days: 3,000 pesos (one person; remember that this is not a general rule and that the costs, for example in accommodation, can decrease with more people).

Tolantongo Caves, Hidalgo

Unlike the previous ones, the Tolantongo Caves they are one of the most appreciated tourist attractions by all tourists who visit the state of Hidalgo. This site is about four hours from the city, in the commune of Cardonal, Hidalgo.

The Tolantongo Caves are a place of hot springs, whose currents can be enjoyed in different ways: caves, tunnels, rivers, pools, pools and waterfallsas well as a trail where you can hike and a suspension bridge from which you can enjoy the wooded landscape that the site offers.

In one part of this set of caves, water flows into the tolantongo river. In addition to the underground wonders, there’s camping, pools, waterfalls, pools, restaurants, ziplines, and cabins.

It is a great place to visit with the family as it is relaxing to swim in hot springs; but of course we must ensure that minors are always under the strict supervision of an adult. Consider that the entrance to the cave, the tunnel and the river must be done in swimsuits.

Although there is a wide gastronomic offer in the restaurants, visitors can organize their own picnic in one of the green spaces, which can help you reduce costs. Besides, the entrance to the site is 150 pesos per person.

  • Approximate distance: 200 kilometers
  • Transport fee: 260 pesos per trip per person; 520 pesos with a round trip. Take into account that it will be necessary to take two transports: one from the Central de Autobuses del Norte to Ixmiquilpan and then another from this site to Las Grutas.
  • accommodation costs: The site offers simple accommodation, which only includes the bedroom, bathroom and shower. There are different hotels that offer prices starting from 650 pesos per night for two people, 750 pesos for four people. There are also tent rentals from 150 pesos.
  • Average restaurant check-in: 100 pesos per person.
  • Approximate total cost for two nights and three days: 2,670 pesos (one person; remember that this is not a general rule and that the costs, for example in accommodation, can decrease with more people).

Tlayacapan, Morelos

Morelos is also one of the most visited states by CDMX tourists, although the most common destinations are Cuernavaca, Cuautla or Tepoztlán, which although pleasant for their visitors, there are also other popular places by those who visit them.

Such is the case of Tlayacapan, a very picturesque magical town located about two and a half hours from Mexico City. The history of this site dates back to the time of the Olmecs, as evidenced by the architecture of the many chapels that abound in the city.

As we have just mentioned, the history of this place involves pre-Hispanic cultures, so one of the must-see sites is the Archaeological area El Tlatoani; It is believed that the archaeological area was built to worship Tlaloc, the god of rain.

The essentials to know are the Former Convent of San Juan BautistaMuseum of Tlayacapan, the old Hacienda of San Nicolás (which is said to have belonged to Hernán Cortés), the Chapels of Tlayacapan or the La Cereria Cultural Center. In addition to a forged tradition with the chinelosand its typical dances.

In the city, they are also dedicated to the glazed earthenware where you can make your own planchas, cooking pots and cooking pots with the help of the artisans who live and work in the city. And the gastronomy is also a point in favor of Tlayacapan, with its typical green pepita mole, better known as pipián, accompanied by savory tamales, charales and white beans, and the traditional sweet bread of the village baked in an oven in stone.

  • Approximate distance: 82.2 kilometers
  • Transport fee: Direct trucks leave from the Central de Autobuses del Sur to Tlayacapan with a cost starting from 80 pesos per trip and per person; On average, the round trip is 190 pesos.
  • accommodation costs: There are places that offer single rooms from 598 pesos, although average prices are around 1,200 pesos a night.
  • Average restaurant check-in: 170 pesos per person.
  • Approximate total cost for two nights and three days: 2,870 pesos (one person; remember that this is not a general rule and that costs, for example accommodation, may decrease with more people).

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