7 great movies that make you want to travel to New York

If there is a city that leaves no one indifferent when you visit it, it is New York . Everyone in the world should visit the so-called capital of the world at some point in their life, get lost in its endless avenues, gaze at the city from the top of the rock or the Empire State Building and take a ferry for Staten Island to admire its monument up close, the most famous of which: the Statue of Liberty.

More than 50 million tourists visit it every year, which places it in the top 10 cities in the world that receive the most tourists. Many people had surely chosen it as their destination this year and their short-term plans to discover this incredible metropolis will have been cut short. But New York deserves a complete, quiet and calm trip, something that contrasts with the hustle and bustle of the city. For ideas on the best places to visit in your future destination, we review the best movies you can watch from your sofa that were filmed in the city. So when the day comes, everything you visit will feel familiar.


‘Saturday Night Fever’ and the Bay Ridge neighborhood

Bay Ridge neighborhood in New York

By Eric R. Bechtold via Wikimedia Commons

In the heart of Brooklyn, capital of nightclubs, is moved Tony Manero, an employee of a paint store who puts on a white suit and becomes the king of disco every evening. At the local Odisea 2001 he meets Stéphanie Mangano, who will be his dance partner and with whom he will participate in the local championship. saturday night fever It was a box office hit that started the disco movement and became a socio-cultural phenomenon that changed the way of life in the seventies.

Bayridge, located southeast of brooklyn, It’s a humble neighborhood where Tony Manero lives with his family. If you pass by 221 79th Street, you can see the house where the protagonist lived. Bay Ridge Home Center, the paint store where he worked, is located at 7305 Fifth. And if you want to eat a piece of pizza at Lenny’sYou can also do it by passing through 86th Street in the Bensonhurst neighborhood (they also named a pizza after them).

“The Godfather” and Staten Island


Verrazano Bridge connecting New York to Staten Island

volodymyr_mula/Getty Images/iStockphoto

At the end of a Staten Island street, after climbing a winding hill through chestnut trees, you can reach the stone house of Don Vito Corleone, located at 110 Longfellow. Francis Ford Coppola made this 1972 artwork based on the novel The Godfather by Mario Puzzo. The story tells the life of a powerful criminal family, the Corleones, settled in New York between 1945 and 1955. Don Vito Corleone is the respected boss of one of the five mafia families of the city, and the youngest of his sons . do his father’s business. For a drug deal, a violent war between families is triggered with virtuous cinematic moments.

The Godfather It is considered one of the ten best films in the history of cinema. Lovers of this movie can’t help but visit Mulberry Street in Little Italy, on a trip to New York, located between Canal Street and Broom Street. Although, if you want to know one of the scenarios that has hardly changed in all this time, you have to go in the cemetery of the queens, where the mafia capo’s funeral was filmed. In the month of September, the San Gennaro festival is celebrated, a good time to visit the city and feel like one of the members of the mafia families of New York in the film.

‘Gangs of New York’ and the city in 1860


New York 1860

Jacobsteinafm via Wikimedia Commons

The following recommendation encourages us time travel around 1860. We find a different New York, shaken by the Civil War, which will undoubtedly make lovers of the city fall a little more in love. In a neighborhood between the port and Wall Street, the young Amsterdam Vallon, leader of the Dead Rabbit gang, wants to avenge the death of his murdered father at the hands of Bill “the butcher”.

New York Gangs It recreates New York City just over 150 years ago, when a turf war was about to break out between natives, of British descent but born in the United States, and Irish Catholic immigrants. . A journey through time for those who wish to discover the city in another era.

‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ in the heart of Manhattan


Fifth Avenue, New York

Anatoleya/Getty Images

It’s the film that revived Audrey Hepburn’s career and, perhaps, the one that best portrays New York. In this free adaptation of the novel Breakfast with diamonds written by Truman Capote, tells the story of Holly Golightly, a young woman who dreams of becoming famous and becoming a successful actress. Every day, she has lunch in front of the famous Tiffany jewelry store, until she meets her new neighbor, Paul Varjack, a frustrated writer who aspires to success like her and will turn her life upside down.

Without a doubt, it’s one of the best movies that makes New York shine. In fact, the famous jeweler is located between Fifth Avenue and Fifty-Seventh Street. In each shot he shows us the actors entering and leaving the house, the skyscrapers to look at with nostalgia, the imposing avenues they travel, Central Park Public Library…an infinite number of corners that will make you explore the city as if you were there. After seeing it, you will dream of singing River of the Moon on an emergency exit in one of the buildings in New York.

‘Manhattan’ and views of Brooklyn


Brooklyn Bridge, New York

Onfokus/Getty Images

Woody Allen invites us to dream of New York in black and white, and offers us a romantic and somewhat nostalgic vision of the city. manhattan chronicles the life of Isaac Davis, an estranged writer in his forties, who is in a relationship with a 17-year-old girl. In the middle of their relationship, he meets Mary, the lover of his best friend, Yale, and falls in love with her. Isaac’s ex-wife has a new relationship with a woman and is going to publish a book with all the details about her sex life with him. A cross-relationship plot in true Allen style with characters out of the ordinary, neurotic, funny, real and unreal in equal measure.

The film is a complete cinematic tribute to the city that never sleeps, and brings together incredible footage from the best corners of New York, like Gramercy Park, Brooklyn or Central Park. The famous image of Woody Allen and Diane Keaton sitting on a bench in front of the Brooklyn bridge at dusk, that same bench that all tourists look for when they arrive in New York.

“Desperately Seeking Susan” and the Lower East Side


The Lower East Side of Manhattan in New York

Timewrangler/Getty Images

Despite the small budget that the director of desperately looking for susan , Susan Seidelman, proved to be a box office hit in the 1980s and became Madonna’s stepping stone to fame. Its scenarios mainly cover the Lower East Side neighborhood, southeast of the Big Apple, connected to Brooklyn by three spectacular bridges (the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge and the Williamsburg Bride). Today, the Lower East Side is worth a visit as it’s one of New York’s nightlife hotspots, where the department stores and ships near the harbor have turned into great restaurants, clubs and discos.

Roberta, a bored New Jersey housewife, is obsessed with the classified ads in a New York newspaper. Trapped in a boring, dead-end marriage, she one day reads an ad for Jim, a man who is “desperately” looking for Susan and dating. Battery park. Roberta’s curiosity drives her to go on a date between two strangers, but she accidentally bumps her head, causing amnesia that makes her believe Susan. This mix of identities puts her in danger as the real Susan is being chased by a gangster.

‘Taxi Driver’ and a nighttime New York


York Times Square in New York

kanzilyou / Getty Images/iStockphoto

Set in New York in the 1970s, this film is a work of art by director Martin Scorsese. Travis Brickle is a former Vietnam War serviceman who, upon returning home, cannot sleep due to anxiety and depression. Unable to sleep, he works as a night taxi driver in the neighborhoods of New York. Obsessed with the violence and desolation that crime causes in the city, Brickle decides to buy a gun and clean up the streets on his own. His first objective: the governor, whom he will try to assassinate in the middle of the campaign.

A masterful Robert Deniro embodies the main character of Taxi driver which shows a dark city of New York, under the gaze of a traumatized and violent citizen struggling against the system. The scenarios are many. For example, the supermarket scene takes place at 546 in the columbus street. He also shows us a Times Square otherwise, in the seventies it was a less cosmopolitan area, invaded by sex shops they are visited by the character of Robert de Niro on several occasions.

New York welcomes more than 50 million tourists every year

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