Colombia receives the international prize for commercial communication in Greece

These are the WFA President’s Awards, which recognize outstanding initiatives in marketing communication around the world. In addition to the Colombian project, four initiatives from Belgium, Kenya, Sweden and the United Kingdom were rewarded.

The WFA President’s Award recognize the most outstanding initiatives in the marketing industry worldwide. They are awarded each year to projects led by national associations of advertisers and having a measurable impact. This year the “Responsible Commercial Communication Footprint” of the National Association of Advertisers of Colombia (ANDA)got the first place among more than 60 associations in the world.

This recognition was issued during the Global Marketing Week in Greece and had the evaluation of the Executive Committee of the WFA led by Raja Rajamannar, President of the WFA (World Federation of Advertisers)the only organization that represents the common interests of traders around the world.

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“While a lot of attention is paid to the work we do globally, it’s the great local ideas that allow us to turn our goals into meaningful actions for a much wider advertiser base. Winning initiatives help to better marketing for brands, for society and for the planet. Congratulations to all the teams behind these initiatives, you are helping the industry achieve positive change.”, said Raja Rajamannar, WFA Chairman and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of Mastercard.

Addressing the award, ANDA Executive Chairperson Elizabeth Melo said: “On behalf of ANDA Colombia, I am honored and grateful to receive the WFA President’s Awards. The “Responsible Commercial Communication Footprint” initiative is the result of hard work and a firm belief in promoting best practices in of advertising and the evolution of the marketing industry in Colombia”.

The executive chairman of the TO GO As part of the event, he also thanked the Colombian advertising companies that are part of the association and that carry out sustainable practices in commercial communication.

About the winning initiative

A responsible commercial communication imprint » is a practical and easy-to-use tool to help advertisers assess their management and alignment of advertising, marketing and corporate sustainability strategies.

It consists of the application of a questionnaire which collects good practices and trends in terms of commercial communication and represents the commitment of advertising agencies to the responsible exercise of their advertising.

Why is it?

It makes it possible to “photograph” and measure the management of companies in relation to good sector practices, trends and international and national requirements in terms of responsible commercial communication.

Defines a framework that makes it easier for advertisers to prove their contribution, through ethical and responsible advertising, to building sustainable consumption and production patterns (SDG 12) and to social and cultural transformation for adequate gender representation ( SDG 5) .

Promotes compliance with the commitments of the Self-Regulation Guides developed and published by the National Association of Advertisers (ANDA): 1) Guide for adequate gender representation in commercial communication, 2) Guide for responsible commercial communication through influencers, 3) Guide for navigating the digital ecosystem.

Establishes indicators that allow advertisers to assess, question, reflect and implement responsible advertising strategies, which will in any case help reduce risk, identify new opportunities, engage with stakeholders, attract investment and generally be profitable in a sustainable manner.

It recognizes the various responsible advertising initiatives as a set of good practices aimed at promoting an industry that is increasingly mature, responsible and aware of its role in building a sustainable society.

The initiative has 8 principles which include good practice in advertising and which allow advertising agencies affiliated with the TO GO assess your commitment to the responsible exercise of your commercial communication: compliance; advertising self-regulation; sustainability and brand purpose; supply chain; adequate representation of gender in commercial communication; digital ecosystem and Responsible Communication through influencers and Protection of Boys, Girls, Teenagers.

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